Hiding in Triangles by Philip Modest Schambelan
and Anton Fromm


Here's another triangulated outcrop: Technische Universität Dresden students Philip Modest Schambelan and Anton Fromm have designed a hotel for mountain bikers for the edge of a cliff in Pregasina, Italy.

Called Hiding in Triangles, the conceptual project would include continuous ramps from top to bottom so all parts could be accessed by riders on their bikes.

Here's some more information from the designers:

Hiding in Triangles

The new mountain bike hotel on the edge of Pregasina in Italy offers sports enthusiasts a unique place to stay, an unforgettable view and a fast connection to an impressive variety of routes, trails and single tracks.

Pregasina is located on a plateau 500 meters above the northern tip of Lake Garda. A hill is a line-of-sight obstruction to an extensive view of the Alps.

To totally exploit the panoramic view the new hotel is situated on a steep mountain ridge on the southeastern edge of the small town. This on the one hand dissociates the new building of the traditional architecture, on the other hand the unconventional construction can be guessed by a small protrusion.

The following principles determine the draft: complete access by mountain bike at all levels, maximum use of the panoramic view of Lake Garda and the mountain slopes of the Alps, no impairment of the view from Pregasina and a full and individual accommodation of riders and sports equipment in each residential unit.

To ensure the trafficability each access element has a tilt angle of 12 °. The angle of the access routes to each other changes both by the natural curve of the mountain, as well as by the decreasing distance between the building and the mountain in the vertical direction.

These two factors generate the fixed points in the front supporting framework, as well as spaces in the metal braiding. In these spaces, the residential units will be established.

The structure is stabilized by three cores, which provide access to the rooms. Thus, way and construction form a unit that defines the form.

The access routes form two different paths, which are connected on the top and bottom floor. This system of a contiguous band provides an optimal pathways in terms of trafficability and the access to each residential unit.

The main facade is oriented towards the north-east, which guarantees each unit a view of the northern tip of the lake. At the same time it allows shading of the living areas by the hill.

The communal areas such as coffee shops, snack bar, the sun deck and a media room are located on the top floor, Level 0, which looks out over the mountain easily. Here, the sunlight is desired and used.

The mountain bike hotel is an attractive residential experience, which captivates guests with its impressive design, access system and aesthetics, and will become the newest magnet for extreme sports enthusiasts in the Alps.

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Project Name: Hiding in Triangles
Diploma Architect: Philip Modest Schambelan (www.scham.be) + Anton Fromm (www.copypasters.com)

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Location: Pregasina, Lago di Garda, Italy
Use: Mountain Bike Hotel
Structure: steel / polycarbonate (residential units)
Constructed Area: 1500 m2

Design Period: 15.10.2009 - 30.1.2010
Construction Period: hopefully the future

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  • yimyim

    Question: Who rides a bike in a triangle?

  • Well THAT looks bizarre.

  • andreasss

    its very honest i thinking its representation is very realistic, this makes its a real proposal.
    I know that one often makes sales project because you know it works. If we represent more project like this i think its easier to have a nice discussion.
    its very talented Nice

  • Martin

    Well without the triangle you wouldn’t have a bike.. for a student project, I like it.

  • glue

    kids will have fun on their bikes…

  • TTJ

    Its a nice project, however I don’t understand why it is being posted so many places – It’s not THAT great

  • I absolutely love this. Being a keen cyclist myself and knowing the proposed location, I can see how this would work. Hat off to the wonderful models, I really like them and it’s great to see detailed technical drawings too.

    I would like to know more about the materials used for the model – perhaps one of the architects could get in touch? That would be great.

    Good luck!

  • too modernistic, too brutalistic, too megastructure = not contemporary

  • craze about the concept of the triangle is too sharp circulation

  • mvb

    I think the concept is really nice and the structure is impressive. However, reviewing the floors plans, the rooms are not well solved. I think they should improve the distribution a lot. I am also missing some sections.

  • bolock if

    i like it, a bit of a fantasy project for the designer, amazing site and interesting proposal.

  • interesting idea (from a programmatic point of view), over-the-top (read: useless) structural solution. Could be more elegant.

  • prole art threat

    Wow, what a picturesque view in that first picture…oh, god, no! It’s almost like context doesn’t matter…

  • junihaoni

    i would imagine a more fluid design for cyclists. the designers were probably inspired by the faceted rockscapes on the cliff, hence the triangular forms. should have referred to the water below.

    i quite like the physical model tho

  • F

    !!! absolutely am in love with the contours of the cardboard model,
    but i think that’s about it.

  • Gunnar Á.

    Like the idea and form but….
    …why does it have to stand out of the landscape instead of being a part of it?

    It´s like the building is strapped to landscape against it’s will.

  • Mario

    GG, alice in wonderland bike shed :))

  • hatschi

    perfect concept for lago di garda, the ultimative bikeorado in the alps! i want to book a room!! pleeeease

  • superX

    I like the real life model…..

  • physics, terrain, climate, accessibility, i see many concerns.