Vault by Laurens Manders


Eindhoven designer Laurens Manders has created this lumpy safe for stashing possessions with sentimental value.

Called Vault, the piece of furniture has five drawers and is made of lacquered steel with walnut legs.

The cabinet will be auctioned at Pierre Bergé & Associés next month.

Photographs are by Daphna Isaacs.

Here's some text from Manders:

Valuable worthless vault in which you can treasure your personal richness.

In this project I am trying to find out what value really is, by questioning myself which 'things' are of real value to me. I found out that for me most of it is about family, friendship and love. Things that, as much as you want, you can't really put in a safe.

Only 'things' that remind you about your value can be kept safe. This is why in the vault there are only five small drawers in which you can put photos, letters and tiny objects. Realizing that some 'objects that carry emotion' are even smaller or much larger, the vault project will be continued.

This vault's appearance is inspired by the mineral pyrite, also known as fool's gold. Because of its resemblance to gold pyrite is often mistaken to be highly valuable being actually almost worthless. This now resembles my vision on value. You can steal the vault and/or its 'valuable' contents but you will find out that it's of no value to you.

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  • maurens landers

    ….another story from eindhoven

  • Very unique designs and good stuffs!

  • nomad

    This is refreshing, why don’t you really mix it up and show some work produced by the RCA.

  • Pjotr

    The whole value story is kind of tacky.And i’m really missing a nice looking lock on this thing…or is it just me..

  • Bas

    honestly, who will employ all these guys, because they won’t all be Maartenbaasstudiojobetc kinda successful – this market is already saturated!

  • mooi laurens!

  • roz

    no story justifies this

  • dk

    ok, so maybe on one level this questions the nature of the ‘safe’. But surely on all other levels does this not just attract unwanted attention to ‘possessions with sentimental value’ that have been hidden away. I unfortunately find this a bit annoying visually and puzzling practically.

  • Marcus Des

    Yes, another story from Eindhoven which, in this case, I rather like. It’s conceptual and nicely executed and, more importantly, it feels somehow “fresh” compared to he recent output of some of the established Dutch designers.

  • felix

    Nice looking project.

    I don’t know why he thinks sentmental objects must be small though. It seems a convenient assumption he’s made to arrive at the contrast between big box / small container.

    The things that remind me of my family; paintings, a brass cannon, an old radio, a wooden horse… are all too big for this vault.

    I like his rational for the shape. A lot of people have been using crystaline shapes in their designs recently but without as good a reason. He’s on trend while still having his own concept.

    I think the legs should have a triangular section really.

    I wonder what the material used is. It looks cast, and has a really nice silver luster.