Jointed Jewels by Alissia Melka-Teichroew


New York designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew of byAMT has designed a collection of jewellery made up of ball-and-socket joints, like those usually found in hip replacements.

Called Jointed Jewels, the pieces are made using 3D printing process laser sintering, where a ball can be 'printed' inside another one.

Photographs are by Lisa Klappe.

Here's some more information from Melka-Teichroew:

Jointed Jewels represents a union of new and old, organic and industrial, functional and decorative.

At the heart of the project is the intention to transform complex and separate elements into a new kind of whole.

It started as an exploration of ball joints, commonly found in cars and hip replacements.

Alissia Melka-Teichroew had the idea of creating a ball joint -normally assembled with separate parts- as one single piece.

Through the use of selective laser sintering (SLS) she was able to literally make a ball inside a ball.

Hence, the industrial connecter was transformed into an object of beauty and wonder.

A clean and striking jewelry collection was created around this innovative concept.

Each piece has been made with the same technique: it seems like an intricately assembled object but is in fact one single piece that was made in one go.

Although the jointed pieces share the same birthing process, each item has a different identity.

There are round, square, long and tubular forms that pick up references from recognizable icons of classic jewelry.

Many of the bangles, necklaces and rings are interpretations of renaissance and Victorian jewels and there are also references to intricately made and very precious pieces by luxury brands like Bulgari and Cartier.

In addition, there are multi-tiered necklaces that display connecting joints that resemble human bone structure.

The collection features both colored and white jewelry.

A special rendition of the colors dark blue/grey, pink, and yellow were presented during the Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan (Italy) and ICFF 2010 in New York (USA).

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  • jeanpierre

    massive boobies and geisha balls

  • all very nice …

  • g . String

    not sure about the jewellery , but there is something strangely beautiful about the art direction .. very unusual and quite sensual ..

  • Rafel

    Nice two jewels … ;-)))

  • Will Mac

    Just reminded me I need to buy milk, thanks

  • g . String

    people , people , have a bit of respect and look at her in the eyes .. ;) ;)

  • Felix

    We already have this without 3D printing; they’re called beads.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Actually, they were called pop-beads, back in the day when every little school girl had to have them.

  • …and i like the jewellry too….;-)

  • Ebru Kandilci

    im not very sure which design we are better to talk about.the presentation is quite mixing the perception.:)=

  • really???

    The 4th picture I think she is giving me the finger…which is how I feel about this whole thing.

  • MLvS

    I’ve already had self-designed, hand-made jewelry like this — when I was 5 years old. They’re called “pop beads.”

  • bored

    whats with the titties?

  • Marianne

    The only thing I see is near to pop nipple…

  • what?

    Yeah, pop beads are a whole lot cheaper and more interesting/colorful. And I think we know this SET of photos isn’t about the jewelry…if you’re going that route, you might as well be naked, it would be less weird.

  • flux

    even sex is not selling here. this is quite concerning..

  • themark

    Interesting concept for jewelry spoiled by just awful model posing. I’d be more interested in the concept though if the components were of a smaller scale. As it is, they look like Pop beads for kids.

  • I don’t know too mucho about jewelry, but they are interesting pices… made from interesting materials,

  • jeanjeanjean

    salut Alice!!!
    commentaires très bigarrés….

  • m

    I really like these. Beautiful in texture and form and concept. Amazing use of color. nice!

  • I like it. Hope to buy soon. Don’t worry with all those precedent posts about milk, model and so on. There is a lack of modern not stupid ” barbie ” style jewellery. It is graphic , full of humour, intriguing, modern, brave. I can find even a little bit of knight style.

  • I really like the boobs.. I mean jewellery!

  • vitruvius

    sooooo ….. yes the beads are kinda CUTE and the photography is awesome BUT really now WHO is the model – i need her to sell my work too…..

  • Heeee! I love the weirdness of this whole thing, the weirdness of the styling and lighting, the weirdness of the art directions. The least compelling aspect of it is the beads themselves because as has already been noted, they’re just pop beads, the likes of which I had many strands as a child. I do love the form of the dark blue Tinker Toy collar tho’.

  • Dariusz

    It’s a bit strange.. some of the jewelry is quite fun, which people should be more in tune.. nice tits too

  • Pierced Brosnan

    Does the model have to be leaning forward so much?

    Not that I’m complaining, just haven’t really noticed the beads yet.

    • David

      Ahem… excuss me…. what beads?

  • Fizz

    I really hope that is not Alissia Melka-Teichroew herself there because if it is someone ought to tell her to stick to making the stuff not displaying it. Seriously, am wondering what the benefits are of making one-piece items that mimic joined multiple units if it’s not only to demonstrate a clever process.

  • Lina

    This are a remake of what I had when I was a kid, nothing innovative here, sorry… Bulky and I don’t think people would actually wear these

  • OLGV.

    waaaaaaaaaay big =))

  • alle Klischees die es auf dieser Welt gibt sind mit den Bildern und den Kommentaren bestätigt

  • john

    beads cost 1
    You dont need rapidprototype to do that, which cost 10!
    nothing new
    old way to catch attention…. perhaps bigger way.

    Agree completely with the nipple about to pop out

  • Toby Edwin

    Beads? What beads?