Gravel Plant 01 by Mieke Meijer


Eindhoven designer Mieke Meijer of Dutch Invertuals presented a cabinet comprising a jumble of wooden frames in Milan last month.

Called Gravel Plant 01, the object is made of recycled oak, steel and glass.

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Here's a tiny bit of information from Meijer:

Restoring disused industrial shapes and placing them into a new context is the concept behind Mieke Meijers latest project, based on industrial archaeology. By reducing scale and playing with volume, Mieke creates autonomous interior objects. `Gravel plant 01` is the first in a future series.

Size: 140 cm x 100 cm x 190 cm
Materials: recycled oak wood, steel and glass

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Posted on Sunday May 30th 2010 at 12:08 pm by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • tanya telford – T

    looks like it has an interesting form, for me with this id really like to have proper look at it to figure out how best to use it, seems like it could have a playful feel too,

  • anders

    i can´t figure out the use of this piece…

  • lero

    It’s a bookcase with a reading desk.

  • felix

    it looks like four objects stuck together, i wonder if this is the case, so like Transformers they are four pieces of furniture that come together to make one mega piece of furniture.

    anyway it looks ugly and inelegant to me

  • Gollumpus

    I like it.

    I would like it more once I had layered in all of the various items I would keep on this piece (books, plants, bits of pottery, small photo frames…). This piece allows a greater ease of layering of items which a more standard piece would restrict.

    I also like that display feature where one could place photos, an open book or some such thing and only be able to view it from a seated position.


  • in the spirit of constructivism and de Stijl movements