The Possibilities of Parts by Studio lvwp

Eindhoven graduate Lotte van Wulfften Palthe of Studio lvwp has designed a collection of furniture assembled from objects she's collected over the years, including this lamp with a moustache.

Called The Possibilities of Parts, the collection also includes a pouffe with wheels and ears, and a cabinet with windows.

Van Wulfften Palthe assembled the found objects into maquettes then scaled them up to create life-size installations.

Photograph by Vincent van Gurp

Photograph by Vincent van Gurp

Photographs are by Cédric Pradel unless otherwise stated.

Here's some more information from the designer:

In the possibilities of parts, I used my personal collection: 'parts' I have collected through the years. It consists of self-made scale models as well as bought and found objects, and materials.

Just by putting these parts together in a certain way, a whole world comes into being! Every time these assemblies are altered, a new world arises.

Photograph by Rene van der Hulst

It is the same as with words: putting them in a different order creates not only another sentence but also a new story.

I wondered if the stories I created in this 3D-collages, would hold ground in our world? I investigated this by enlarging one of the pictures to life-size. The result is a kind of enormous 3D illustration.

Photograph by Vincent van Gurp

You can walk around in it, use it or just look at it. They feel a bit strange, these interior animals, but endearing. Oh, they are a lamp (Henry), a cabinet (Fred) and a pouffe (Sofia).

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