Gaetano Pesce for Melissa


Italian architect Gaetano Pesce has designed this pair of shoes made of plastic discs for Brazilian brand Melissa. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.

Consumers can customise the ankle boots by cutting circles away from the edges.

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Here are some more details from Melissa:

MELISSA is known for developing amazing collaborations, the most recent collaboration is with Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce.

The MELISSA + Gaetano shoe is the most revolutionary shoe done by MELISSA. The ankle boot is comprised entirely of interconnected circles, customers will be able to create seven different styles from this one shoe, by cutting the edges to create each new style. To visualize this concept think of the shoe as an origami, it can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. The shoes be available in six different colors; black, red, off-white, transparent, blue and translucent orange.

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Dezeen Book of Ideas out now!

Gaetano Pesce for Melissa is included in our book, Dezeen Book of Ideas. Buy it now for just £12.

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  • Great Idea!!! I really liked the concept to create your own style!!!!

  • Teo

    I want a pair NOW!

    ….wait, are they unisex? I hate stuff that’s labeled unisex…

    I digress, I think I want to try on a pair.

  • memo

    This shoe rocks !!!!

  • Absolutely stunning and inventive . . . I want to see more shoes that think of the entire shoe and not just the upper like most companies!!!!!! Magnificent

  • modular

    – WTF?
    – Huh?
    – What’s happening with your feet?
    – Ahm… what?! What you say???
    – They’re full of blisters!!!!
    – Oh…. I was dancing the boogie. I did it a lot!

  • DLO

    Can architects please stop designing shoes now? Might as well get Pharrell Williams on the case…

  • Belle! Bravo Gaetano! Come sempre…

  • J


    @Bradley Bowers: What do you mean think of the entire shoe? All they’ve shown are the uppers, other than a hint of material change for the sole (like almost all shoes).

  • sue

    hmm just imagining wearing them on a really hot, sunny day

  • j

    I like the concept a lot. If this shoes can make from wood with stitching in the same concept, would be green and awesome.

  • Aymee

    urr it looks like come kind of boil like scaly skin infection

    just looking at them makes me feel a bit ill

    the shape is really nice (ankle boot type) I really want to like these but they’re definitely a grower

  • The_Architext

    Really nice ! Extremely beautiful form, fluid and feminine… even if the form is apparently complicated it’s actually very simple as it is to melt itself with the foot… ! Good job !

  • The_Architext

    Sorry ! this comment was made for another shoe design… Too many tabs opened… ;)

  • ThereseSenac

    Blisters or no blisters, Those shoes are HOT!… I need to get a pair or two :)

  • Are they pebble-like on the inside also?
    To help with the blisters problem?
    Blisters have to be considered, especially if you have two pairs,
    as no-ones gonna want to see the plasters you put on them showing through the shoe.
    How sexy would that be?

  • ericbeauchemin

    What is this made of ?? Silicone ?

  • lookin nice/ fittin perfectly /survival time 10 days of wearing sorry