The New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague
by Zaha Hadid Architects


The New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects have unveiled this design for a performing arts centre in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague by Zaha Hadid Architects

The new centre would house four music and dance institutions in one building clad with horizontal louvres.

The New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague by Zaha Hadid Architects

The design is one of three shortlisted proposals for the site, along with Amsterdam architects RAU and Rotterdam studio Neutelings Riedijk Architecten. The winning project will be announced in November 2010.

The New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague by Zaha Hadid Architects

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Here's some more information from Zaha Hadid Architects:

New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague, The Netherlands

The New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague houses four major institutions in one single envelope (the Royal Conservatory, The Netherlands Dance Theatre, the Residential Orchestra and the centre’s Guest Programming).

The New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague by Zaha Hadid Architects

The design concept is developed from an understanding of the unique urban dynamics of the site, resulting in subtle volumetric gestures that invite the public domain from the plaza at ground level into the heart of the building, reinforcing the public character of the combined institutions and culminating with a gracious curving roofline that neatly nests itself within the city skyline.

The New Dance and Music Centre in The Hague by Zaha Hadid Architects

In sharp contrast with the centre’s basic rectangular geometry, a fluid force field of horizontal louvers - that seemingly moves when graced by light and shadow - creates a playful language on the facade that articulates public circulation, foyers and the sculpted inner atrium, whilst at the same time allows visual connections out to the square as well as internal links between the various spaces of the project.

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  • I wonder which distance is the right one, between 1st and 2nd picture the building on the left side doesn’t seem to be placed at the same distance…

  • Luky me, it’s where I live! Thank you Dezeen for this good news.

    François Beydoun

  • Ard

    You know what is interesting. This is one of three ‘visions’ selected for the competition. Three offices are developing their designs at the moment. The other 2 are Thomas Rau and Neutelings Riedijk, both offices from Holland.

    So the assumption here that this thing will be built is far from reality. Might end up that none of the designs will be built as the city of The Hague doesn’t have the money for this. Just my 2 cents.

  • edward

    It’s not a blob, which is good and the lively facade will enliven the cityscape.

  • A sensational piece of architecture! A real jewel for the city of Hague…

  • I guess now we are all curious to see the interior, how the halls react to the shell.

  • ehab

    its very close to the srrounding building its traffic of buildings

  • ET

    Another homage to parametric design which neither responds in any meaningful way to the site nor to the people that use it. Help!

  • Raspberry

    WAW! now that left me with my mouth hanging open ! stunning absolutely stunning

  • Forras

    I love it! specially the landscape design!!

  • jeanpierre

    that’s horrible, the building is just stuck between the 2 others, looks like nothing has been done for public space

    can we see plans?what do they do with the previous OMA’s Netherlands Dance Theater?

    lucky you, lucky you, smile before you cry…

  • jeanpierre


  • Wow, I would kill to see what the interior looks like.

  • m

    I cannot say anything about this building. It is a morphed box. Very hard to judge whether it is a well morphed box, the transformation does not give a very iconic form, nor a very readable one, it doesn’t show the interior, nor the functions.

    I’m a bit afraid it will be a surprisingly bland building.

  • Marcus Des

    Let’s not get too exited just yet!
    Zaha’s proposal is one of three finalists, the other two by Neutelings Riedijk Architecten / Kirkegaard Associates and RAU.

    As for the building on the left, it’s the Town hall by Richard Meier which most proposed buildings for the Dance and Music Centre managed to ignore or overshadow. Most noticeably the proposed monstrosity by OMA which, thank the Lords of Architecture, is NOT one of the finalists.

  • It is interesting shape. Bold geometry… But a project of Dance and Music center should it be… how would I say … a bit softer? More delicate, maybe? I see aggressiveness but not passion, chaos but not harmony, inclemency but not romantics…

    Form might be fine, but I don’t like the mood. I don’t like Zaha’s music here.

    It is different in other cities:

  • Instead of sketching on the napkin zaha took a pile of them, squeezed, and carefully rested them on the desk of patrick schumacher

  • Mr G Van String

    the exterior looks amazing .. very soft and unlike Zaha..

    really beautiful..

    would love to see the interior now !

  • laura skeeters

    The “Partiture” building is here!

    How funny: it works for all the disciplines housed in the edifice.

    Architecture should not be funny, though…

    …this is not a silly Donut shop on Route 66, this is a temple to culture.

    Bad, bad…caricaturial, definitively not a great achievement.

    Maybe we should read the program of the competition to see where it failed and how come nobody was able to do better than this.

  • recon::decon

    Wasn’t there a Zaha project a while back that looked EXACTLY like this one? Are they just going to recycle the same design until they convince someone to build it?

  • Concerned…

    Where are the interior shots? I don’t mean to be cynical but why does a lot of today’s architecture only concern themselves with the facade?

  • Simon

    The fabric reminds me of something reecntly done by UN Studio…
    (i think in china)

    The facade/geometry is certainly interesting and also how the structure will work, however I’m not sure if the mass works between the surrounding buildings. It looks too tight and I feel sorry for the guys 8th floor on the adjacent building who probably won’t get any natural daylight!

  • NIM

    I was in Den Haag many years ago. I am quite sure that the location of this building, seen here, is to replace OMA’s dance theater, one of the office’s early projects. Am I wrong? Could somebody help confirming this?

  • dizzy

    …why do we never see zaha’s interiors?

  • Something a bit more likeable from Zaha, I’d be keen to see this resolved more but its still just a bit of jelly to me.

    I’d like to see some interiors too!

  • zahasuperstar

    Very silly building.

    zaha (sorry meaning) has left the building… again. what are we to do with our image obsessed world.

    Yet another feeble contribution to an already overflowing cup of nonsensical rubbish… stop pushing the parametric button and contemplate the programmatic one. A look at the REX’s Wyly should give us some clues to rigorous fit for purpose design!

  • Maarten

    Typical Zaha. Nothing special, done many times and purely an example façade architecture. I was hoping that the economic crisis would hold down the ‘STarchitects’. To bad

  • hugn

    Here’s the official competition webpage with Hadid’s entry; there are plans an sections and schemes…

    have a look at the other design proposals aswell. some nice stuff there in between

  • John

    … and let's not forget the other entries, Dezeen.

  • anneke

    Yes, as some people guessed: one of the winning entries of this competition (i.e. not necessarily this one) will replace Koolhaas’ Danstheater, built in 1987. It’s actually the second time that an early Koolhaas-building is being demolished in the Netherlands. A small bus stop building in front of Rotterdam central station has already died a quiet death. The Dutch aren’t fussy about these things…

  • honest

    looks all very drunk to me

  • stew

    this is what would happen if you dropped a stack of 8.5 x 11 papers and then shot it in slooow motion..

  • I’ve worked in the current dance theater on this location, designed by Rem Koolhaas, and am still in more ways connected with the companies that are housed in the buildings surrouning this square.

    Is the crumbled-tin-can look an ironic comment on how the culture establishment of den Haag works ?

  • pocco

    Zaha? I thought it was B.I.G.'s………

  • Fizz

    "So Ms Hadid, did we win?"

    "Yes, team. Once again judges have been impressed with my beautiful exterior forms. Now or heaven's sake get to work and come up with some ideas of how the hell we are going to fit in all the foyers, atrium, concert halls, stages, ancillary rooms and other spaces. They want to see something tomorrow…"

  • Ale Gaddor

    this is what i call, Loly pop Architecture, too much sugar and too easy to conceive, a candy building,,, for a nightstand lamp its ok, but for a building…. next participant please! ……. get serious!

  • obscurity

    Presenting an object in an isolated milieu like in an exhibition hall or on a vast university campus where we might take each object in its own right is one thing, but allowing it to intrude into our overall configuration of the 'world' is another. In our consciousness the world is planned along the vertical and horizontal axes and we are constantly confirming the fact by feeling the gravity, by looking at the horizon or the skylines in the urban areas. Granted creative works are in part products of counter-intuitive whim of human beings, I personally wouldn’t like my view in everyday life dominated by anything going counter-intuitive.

  • Batikha

    I think it's just a monumental piece of Architecture which dosen't respond to any of the contextual elements surrounding it. It looks like it just landed on the site.

  • NT3

    My company helped develop the facades for this design and i've heard this has not won. Still unsure which of the two others has but it narrows it down.

  • Zhila Ra

    To differ, I like it’s simplistic design.