20 litre Coat Stand by Peter Marigold


Coat Stand Petyer Marigold

This coat stand made from a ready-made 20 litre liquid container by London designer Peter Marigold is now in production with design brand Skitsch.

Coat Stand Petyer Marigold

Called 20 litre Coat Stand, the base can be weighted with water before a metal pole with branching hooks is attached by the screw-cap.

Coat Stand Petyer Marigold

Here's some more information and photos of the prototype from Marigold:

The coat stand uses a ready-made 20 litre liquid container as a base.

Coat Stand Petyer Marigold

Situated near the front door, the container is easily emptied when it is time for the owner to move house.

Coat Stand Petyer Marigold

The prototype shown here uses an empty 25 litre chemical container from the production of the Palindrome series, originally created for Design Miami, and Moss, New York. It is often used in my studio as a useful heavy weight.

Coat Stand Petyer Marigold

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  • Xit

    Whats next the broom coat stand ?

  • chris

    Is this a joke? Why does he think anybody would actually pay for one of these when you could make one that looks and performs better in less time than it would take to go out and buy one. It looks horrible, it's made from junk, it doesn't have any functional benefits and its bound to be expensive. So what is the point?

  • Xit
  • ScepticalMe

    Easily emptied because it’s by the front door? Is that a design feature?

    I think this is the epitomy of our consumption society, wastefull and severely lacking imagination. It’s a stick in a container. Great job, please continue with your wastfull designs so we can all be delighted when you come up with another “usefull product”. Maybe a a nice black unrecycled PVC bucket toilet bend the hande out to hold the tissue, grand! And if you put it in the kitchen it can be “easily emptied” aswell..

  • happygo

    Hello Dezeen, what on earth is the point of these comments?

    You have a comments policy, something about them not being abusive, but you should also add just plain unhelpful.

    Occasionally you receive and publish some genuinely insightful comments, but more often than not they are juvenile and trashy.

    A while ago now they reached a stage when they take more than they add – this is another example of that.

    The argument is “you dont have to read them”. but unfortunately it is human nature. both to read scrawls on public toilet doors and also to sling stones when we can guarantee not to be caught.

    The Guardian gets away with it on some articles, if you can smile at the odd red star. But the Mail online?! We would all be better off without.

    Dezeen can maintain its editorial neutrality – just get rid of these shouty school children.

    • Neo

      Come on! people have the right to voice their opinion, and if you don’t like it look away.

      This project is really bad, you just have to look at how the welding has been scratched from the tube and the fact that you have to hang your coat on the loop, otherwise it will deformed. This doesn’t add anything to the world is just another wasteful thing screaming for attention.

  • Xit

    @ Happygo, what do you think of the coat stand ?

  • As a designer I actually find ALL comments helpful in some way. It’s important that we designers get feedback outside our circle of friends, and forums like Dezeen are extremely helpful.
    I like the concept of the coat stand, and I'm sure they will sell. Its functional, original and fun. Yes, anybody could make one similar but I don’t think the customers who are going to buy it care to save €100 for a rip-off, time and hassle, when they could have the original for just €240 (this is actually a fair price in my opinion)

    Keep the comments coming is what I say…they are often more interesting and enjoyable than the projects!