Cube by Matthias Zschaler


Cube by Matthias Zschaler

German designer Matthias Zschaler has made a concept watch that takes its geometry from an isometric drawing of a cube.

Cube by Matthias Zschaler

Called Cube, the watch would have a digital display and come in a range of colours.

Cube by Matthias Zschaler

Here's some more from the designer:

CUBE – digital wrist watch concept

Cube by Matthias Zschaler

CUBE is a simple and stylish digital watch that because of its layout looks like the isometric illustration of a cube.

Cube by Matthias Zschaler

It uses an under screen technology to display the time.

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Posted on Tuesday August 3rd 2010 at 3:41 pm by Joe Mills. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • julie

    love it!!!! want one!!!!

  • Felix

    'It uses an under screen technology to display the time'

    a what?

  • ness

    when this gets made , it would be nice if it were a competition about it
    or at least tell me where they sell these watches

  • cbm

    Cube Clock by Boym Parnters for Kikkerland, year 2006.
    It pops up straight on Google.
    Designers should do a little research before rushing their ideas out.

    • Xit

      Your example doesn't qualify as nulling Zaschlers wristwatch.

      Yes it uses a 'trompe l'oeil' escheresque typology, but the scale, technology & design are completely different.

      As Paul mentions this design pushes the typology to a new level and is evolutive, therefore qualifying its reason to exist.

  • Rico

    Where can we find this watch?

    • Chuck

      errr by the looks of it, there is only one and it's made out of cardboard

      • amsam

        LOL Chuck best comment yet.

  • robert

    This is a joke, right?! I've just come up with a concept for a shrinking magic helicopter… well I've drawn it with felt tips in my "ideas journal" anyway.

  • Hey cbm, your wall clock would look excellent strapped to a wrist! Are you serious? Sometimes it takes a little twist on an existing design to take it to the next level, don't you think? A great example: a chair.

  • flippydoodle

    That looks awesome! I want!

  • i'm with robert, nothing else is needed to be said.

  • meg

    Can I buy this watch? In pink….Yes Pink…

  • jesse

    for saying this is on dezeen, that is the worst model of a product, ive ever seen! the tip-ex writing really sets it off!

  • fish fingers

    so macho.

  • kay

    looks like it was colored in with pink highlighter. neat.