Net-A-Porter by Studiofibre


Net-A-Porter London store by Studiofibre

UK designers Studiofibre have complete the west London headquarters of fashion brand Net-A-Porter.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

The project incorporates office, retail and events space, and a photography studio.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Studiofibre inserted two mezzanines in the ten metre-high space and a glass meeting room at the entrance.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

All photographs are by Pantling Studio.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Here's some more information from the designers:

Fashion doesn’t get much dreamier than this… welcome to the fabulous new world of Net-A-Porter and to the husband and wife duo behind it, Ian and Fiona Livingston, owners of design agency Studiofibre.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Net-A-Porter is the world’s leading luxury fashion ‘etailer’ and currently one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

In moving from Whiteleys to Westfield, the brief was to create not simply an office, but more ‘a progressive working environment’ which formed a hybrid between office, photographic studios, retail and event space.

Net-A-Porter London store by Studiofibre

The Net-A-Porter brand has a strong masculine presence, with a feminine finesse and a key element of the brief was to capture the essence of this brand.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

From an operational point of view, the business model is constantly evolving as are the projected headcount figures, and with this in mind it was important to create an environment that was flexible and that could accommodate such rapid change.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

The location was Westfield’s ‘leisure box’, previously destined to be a swimming pool and sports centre and was presented as a shell with no CAT A elements, a vast, cavernous ‘airplane hanger’ with 10M ceiling height.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

The timeframe and budget were very aggressive, completing the 44,000 sq ft space from shell to pristine finish, at an average of £60 / sq ft ( including furniture ) within 8 months.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Our solution was to create a ‘working wonderland’ which exploited the ‘non-standard’ nature of the location ( without the use of standard office elements ) and which embraces the ‘progressive’ work environment whilst building a 3D embodiment of the Net-A-Porter brand.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

To achieve this, we used smooth vaulted fabric ceilings, bespoke contemporary lighting rafts, elegant Murano glass chandeliers, soaring, oversized panelled doors, sculpted bespoke furniture and a mixture of matt and high gloss finishes that scoop out dimension in an otherwise flat, monochromatic palette … together with a carefully chosen, eclectic collection of budget conscious furniture, very simple carpet spec and painted finishes.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Structurally, two new mezzanine floors were created, each with its own bold statement staircase to offer a more interesting circulation around the space, whilst a floating glass meeting room hovers at the entrance to the main hall, offering fantastic panoramic views across the working landscape and a vast wooden sculpture of steps sets the context for the ‘Theatre’ area at the heart of the space.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

A typical working day at Net-A-Porter could take place in any number of ‘settings’ and could involve an appointment in the exquisite, panelled buyers’ suite, a brainstorm in the ‘Living Room’, an informal chat at the front-of-house self-service bar, under the skylight and ornate ceiling (sampled from the original ceiling at the Dome in Whiteleys) or in one of the padded ‘diner-style’ booths.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Whether stealing a quiet moment under the ‘hood’ of the brooding gothic thrones in the ‘Library’ or sitting on the ‘Theatre’ steps whilst a backdrop of runway shows plays out on the wall at cinema scale proportions, the mix of classical/minimal, traditional/contermporary, whether in the form of sliced moulding details or oversized paneling and door proportions is always apparent and reminds you that you are at the heart of a new technology driven cycle that is today’s world of Fashion.

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Net a Porter store by Studiofibre

Net-A-Porter London store by Studiofibre

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  • edward

    I wonder if all the employees will have to wear gray and white. That would be spooky.

  • Kaptain krunch

    Bond villain corporation much?
    It looks horrendously similar to the office I'm in now, except even trendier and more exciting. They're mainly horrendous to work in tbh.

  • It makes me remember an old movie called "A Clockwork Orange" and a music video from the band "Blur", which seem to be inspired in that movie, called "Universal".

  • gabs

    Why is there no colour??

  • Felix

    Oh, wow, hats as lampshades, how innovative and not done-by-everyone-five-years-ago

    This is the office equivalent of wearing a corset. Uncomfortable, restricting…

  • Definitely feeling this.

  • curb

    i would expect the intense black and white motif to be very accepting of colorful outfits, rather than only encouraging grey and white

  • What a stylish job. Especially on such a tight budget as described. Nicely done indeed.

  • )eroen

    Love the colours!

  • color

    The world is colorful. Why? Because that is nature. Those who are afraid of dealing with color always said black and white are best, pure, simple, clean… bara bara… ect.

  •’s really a very nice office,big. if i have a chance to work at so beautiful office,i will firmly catch the chace.

    i’m very sad my work environment is not very well.

  • Jenna

    … it's an 'office' and so it's reflective of the company that works there …. designing FOR the client ?, their branding is obviously important to them …. I think it's beautiful anyway …. bowler hats and all …. which add humour by the way … why should design be so serious ?

  • stephane

    obviously you guys don't know Net-A-Porter, it's the biggest high end sales online, and their palette of colors is black and white. and people's clothes will bring in the colors into this envirnoment. The company is about fashion, so, nothing more appropriate. Well done!

  • ilse c

    very clever and beautiful way of mixing classical elements with modern ones….so as in fashion, which is always about modern cycles the swirl around classical.

  • makiabra

    I wanna work there!

  • worldmanabouttown

    I love it. You have to remember that this is a canvas that will be filled with colourful creatives. I am sure it will be very different once it gets going.

    • Felix

      well it would if there was anything in the design to allow people to express themselves, like surfaces, space for artwork.

      as it is, anything put in this office that is not monotone and stuffy contemporary will look like so much tat.

  • Sceptic

    What a cold, empty, un-human space! And those see-through doors! It's such a kind of theatre you're always on the stage. And if you come dressed in the "costume" which comes from another play, the service worker will send you home to change your clothes. Sounds like joke in it is, but imagine the net-a-porter office with workers, guests, clients with all the hugger – mugger they always do…

  • Funny, before I read who the client was I thought the way the space is read is a bit like the way someone might read a black and white photo. You pick up on the features and mood of the shot more. The form and composition are what grab your attention instead of being sidetracked by colour.

    When you place people in it it'll be a bit like highlighting an aspect of the photo in colour to draw your attention to it.

  • I think it is great, its a blank canvas and as a commenter above me said, once all the creatives are in there it aid in the atmosphere of the interior.

  • Zaedrus

    Oh! Those high-backed chairs!

  • laura skeeters

    If they were able to stay within such tight budget and coming up with such refined space it is almost incredible.

    I think most people found it sterile because it is all white, but I am sure that when populated all the employees will bring the life and color it needs.

    Also it is the best backdrop color for showing clothes.

    The clothes are the main focus here, not the building,you egomaniac architects! :-)

  • Cestmir

    … if you go onto their website you see that they also did Agent Provocateur's offices … so I don't think it's a question of being afraid of colour !

  • Eunice

    I can definitely see this as becoming a potential backdrop for the next fashion-related movie.

  • Tommy

    love it – where can i get the bowler hat & top hat lights?

    • @tommy The Jeeves & Wooster lights designed by Jake Phipps are available from Innermost in London!

  • wooaaahhh!!…YEA!…monochromic office..

  • Keely

    Are they LEED certified?

  • Keira

    When you work with different colour combinations, all you need is neutral background to focus. Remember, all designers prefer to wear black. Moreover, the black and white thing is Net-a-Porter’s company style, plus it’s a classic combination.