Cheap Monday Office by Uglycute


Cheap Monday Office by Uglycute

These Stockholm offices for fashion brand Cheap Monday by Swedish designers Uglycute feature a conference room inside a pyramid.

Cheap Monday Office by Uglycute

The floors and pyramid are covered in grey carpet, bright yellow ventilation tubes crisscross the space and stackable chipboard shelving provides storage.

Cheap Monday Office by Uglycute

A showroom and reception area upstairs have been stripped back to reveal different textures and tiles.

Cheap Monday Office by Uglycute

Photos are by Mikael Olsson.

Here's some more information from Fredrik Stenberg of Uglycute:

The project was a showroom/officespace for the swedish fashion brand Cheap Monday in Stockholm. Prior to designing the office space in Stockholm we designed their first new store in Copenhagen that opened in december.

Cheap Monday Office by Uglycute

The office in Stockholm consist of 900 squaremeters divided in two floors. The upper floor serving as a more public showroom and reception area and the lower as an open office landscape. The upper area was treated in a raw fashion by subtracting walls and exposing the existing surfaces beneath. Fixtures and lamps in the showroom are the ones designed for in the shop in Copenhagen. In the lower area we worked more with addition than subtraction.

Cheap Monday Office by Uglycute

Arranging a few closed office rooms along the facade and placing a conference pyramid in the middle of the room. The sloping walls allowed more light to enter the space and made it a bit more dynamic. The materials we used are all quit cheap. Grey needle punch carpet, stackable chipboard bookshelves and standard ventilation tubes painted in a bright yellow colour.

  • lama

    That pyramid its not a conference room. Maybe some kind of modern meditation space, but it does not trigger the kind of creative energy a conference room should. Its cramped, claustrophobic and not very practical. Keep trying Uglycute.

  • Phil

    Great example of good design v's cheap. This is just cheap.

  • mil

    More Ugly than Cute!

  • edward

    Excellent idea as the unusual shape adds interest to the space and every one knows how a pyramid shape concentrates creative energy.

  • niko

    wow! there's a dog too!

  • MoS

    I want to see more!