Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa


Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

These wooden drawers on a light metal frame are by Tokyo designer Keiji Ashizawa.

Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

Called Slybox, the piece of storage has five draws of decreasing size.

Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

Each has grooves in the sides, which slot onto the frame made of bent steen rods.

Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

"This drawer uses the box which have simple detail as possible in minimum structure," says Ashizawa.

Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

Photographs are by Yosuke Owashi.

Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

Design: Keiji Ashizawa

Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa


Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

Size: H570 W950 D430

Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

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  • Kaptain krunch

    if there is anything heavy in one of those drawers and it's pulled out all the way or you pull out more than one at a time it looks very much like it will just topple over.

    • Felix

      this is mitigated by having the larger drawers at the bottom, and i think people are sensible enough to see that putting their telephone book collection in one drawer while nothing is in the others is a bad idea. maybe your concern is actually caused by the success of the designer in making the product look so light

  • Tricky

    Wow, this is awesome.
    Super minimal I would say….

  • Felix

    the 'guard' around the top is nice. the wheels imply that you can tilt the whole thing backwards and wheel it around, which is a nice touch as long as it's stable enough to do so

    i don't like drawers which aren't closed to the air though; it allows dust in. and there are no proper handles

  • Yeah, it allows dust in. So is a furniture nudism.

  • gab xiao

    very smart, beautiful and utterly original!

  • to the bati welding machine, robin!

  • w


  • fish fingers

    Nice design, very japanese.

  • PRof Z

    Traduction (français > anglais)
    This morning in my half sleep I had this vision in seeing this project in Dezeen: many young designers influenced by the Dutch design and the possibility of digital technologies Others designers designed minimal structure, they are German, American, Japanese, French designers… Result: the Dutch design have a style but also an original educational and operating system…. Others are in the art of reduction ( see vitra museum) …. In my opinion in these two cases, they will become marginalized , a reduction of furniture design ?