Iso table by Dylan Freeth
for MARK


Iso table by Dylan Freeth for MARK

British brand MARK will launch this series of wooden tables and desks by Dylan Freeth at 100 % Design in London next month.

Iso table by Dylan Freeth for MARK

Called Iso, the tables are assembled with complex wooden blocks at the corners that join wedge-shaped legs to the plain top.

Iso table by Dylan Freeth for MARK

The tables come in round, square, rectangular and custom sizes, all with the same leg detailing.

Iso table by Dylan Freeth for MARK

Here's some more information from MARK:

MARK to launch Iso desks and tables by Dylan Freeth at 100% Design 2010

Furniture manufacturer MARK are introducing a new product range by Dylan Freeth at this year’s 100% Design. ‘Iso’ is a range of tables and desks that marries an ultra-simple concept with great detailing and execution.

Iso table by Dylan Freeth for MARK

The Cornish company’s guiding values are sustainability and liveability. With Iso they have addressed these by going for the most pared down design, believing this to be the most versatile and practical and therefore long lasting. The idea is also that the choice of sizes and materials offered creates different versions suited to home, office and hospitality use.

These include round, square, rectangular and custom sizes. All share the signature joinery detail of the wedge shaped leg and all are manufactured entirely in Cornwall.

What looks so simple is in fact a significant engineering challenge, to combine the necessary stability and strength with such fine lines. There is also an optional cable management facility - used either as a convenient leads tidy for home use, or part of a more extensive system for the office.

Iso table by Dylan Freeth for MARK

Dylan has previously designed the Six coat stand and Horizon screen which share the functional purpose and clean geometry of Iso. He explains “I’ve aimed to design a set of legs and other parts that combine in different ways to make the tables easy to customise in terms of size, finish and function, easy to store, easy to transport and install. I hope the design detailing and quality of manufacture will make the tables and desks good to live with for a very long time”

MARK will be at 100% Design, stand H26, where the Iso tables will be shown with products by Tomoko Azumi, Anna Hart, John Miller and Sam Johnson.

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  • gaque

    i dont know what the point is. its a nice table, but not any better than any of the 100,000,000 normal tables in this world.

  • Atal

    @Gaque: I disagree a good table is hard to find!

  • neko

    OMG amazing !!!

    four legs and everything !

    • megan

      you hit the nail on the head !!

  • Neo

    yeah…and the legs are perpendicular to the table top, which is more and more rare to find.

  • Gotta love wood!

  • megan

    I agree – 4 legs and everything !!
    This is a hyped up nothing

  • LOW

    I love the table-ness! So table-ish!

  • lama

    seems we have to wait for the table that cooks your dinner, takes your dog for a walk, finds the cure for cancer and wipes the baby's bottom.

  • Ryan

    Solving a complex engineering problem is the point. I appreciate the simplicity.

  • jamie

    I love how bitchy people can be on here… its a table… its designed by a furniture designer… its unique… OK, maybe we dont need any more table designs… mybe we dont need anymore cocktails… maybe we dont need anymore flavours combinations…. Or do we? this table is elegant, the company are addressing issues in there ethos and manufacture by manufacturing simply and producing in the UK…. its a product! at least its not a plastic face toucher or a rubber knife….