Hakes shoes SS11 by Julian Hakes


Hakes Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

London architect Julian Hakes is to reveal the realised Mojito shoe (see the first experiments in our earlier story) in two catwalk shows for London Fashion Week, which starts today. Update: watch an interview with Hakes on Dezeen Screen.

Hakes Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

The shoe consists of a single piece wrapped around the wearer's foot, supporting the heel and ball with no footplate in-between.

Hakes Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

The Mojito shoe will be shown with the Spring/Summer collection by Swedish fashion designer Ann Sofie Back at Somerset House on Sunday 19 September and with London designer Ada Zanditon's collection on Monday 20 September at ON/OFF Victoria House.

Hakes Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

More information about the design in our earlier story.

Hakes Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

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Hakes Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

The text that follows is from Julian Hakes:


Designer’s story: It all started with Dezeen

We first released early images of the design for a new ladies fashion shoe on the 23rd September 2009 right here on Dezeen.

Later that evening I received a message from Marcus the editor of Dezeen to say ‘it had gone viral’ and I should ‘put my name into Google’. I did this and got halfway through ‘Ha….’ before Google prompted me to ‘buy Julian Hakes shoes?’

Within hours the story was snapped up by American blog www.gizmodo.com and registered in excess of 100,000 hits and streams of comments. Over that same weekend Hakes received press enquiries from agencies right around the globe.

On the Monday after the story broke we received a call from the office of a rather well known female ex-model in New York requesting 2 pairs in her size for her show. At this stage the Hakes ‘mojito’ shoe was in initial sketch model and prototype form and they realised that they needed to make this shoe a reality.

As a result and keen to see how the design worked on a foot, bloggers and fashion followers started themselves to imagine how this sculptural shoe design could work, sparking a series of self made on line videos, photomontages and sketches.

Almost a year in development we have been working to refine every curve and twist. We are very excited that Hakes shoes SS11 will be revealed this coming weekend for London Fashion Week.

Hakes are providing Mojito footwear for the SS11 presentation for Swedish fashion designer Ann Sofie Back (Sunday 19th Sept - 09:30 – Somerset House) and London designer Ada Zanditon (Monday 20th - 14:00 – ON/OFF Victoria House WC1).

We as Hakes have formed a joint venture with an international manufacturer and distributor responsible for some of the world’s top brands in order to make the Hakes vision of a very unique fashion shoe a reality.

We are busy making this happen and expect to have the first commercially available Hakes Mojito shoes ready for the party season and SS11.



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  • Sexy? Definitely. Comfortable? Maybe. Ergonomic? Hell no.

    I'm really torn about design like this. Do I love the concept? Yes, I do. But any high heel is fundamentally flawed if you even begin to consider the ergonomics. I realize many women consider the high heel a tradeoff of mental confidence and physical beauty for physical discomfort/pain. Sometimes it makes me wonder if women who wear high heels have their priorities mixed up all together. I don't know, I'm not a woman so I can't say for sure.

    I guess I feel like in 2010, in the age of sustainability concerns, we should put health ahead of beauty. A shoe like this seems like a futuristic depiction of a 1950s idea. Let's focus on form derived from function!

  • canpix

    i wonder how does it look like with fatty fatty feet in

  • Coen

    Looks incredible, but what always buggs me is when a product is shown in a vacuum. I cannot appreciate a shoe without seeing a person wearing it. Great piece of art, donno if I like it as a shoe.

  • Beautiful – if worn would elevate ‘ready to wear’ into couture

  • just stunning, louboutins and all the others are nice, but this shoe really beats them all!

    can't wait to buy them: my wife has to have it ;o)

  • stylembe

    Would be great if we could see someone walking in it.

  • Gok Ant

    Wow they're amazing!!! Where can I get a pair?

  • Gok Ant

    Wow I've never seen anything like them before!! They're gorgeous, how much are they?

  • Erik

    Seen it before.
    Looks like a Koolhaas shoe-design.
    Nice though..

  • barbara

    As I commented before; the original shoe would not have worked, your foot would have twisted out of them. Not so keen on the new additions that might prevent this twisting, they remind me a little too much of Marc van der Zande and Sjors Bergmans detailing: http://mass-customization.blogs.com/mass_customiz

  • band

    the simplicity of the shoe when it was in its conceptual stage holds a bold statement, like a single line scribble. however the result of making it practically work somehow loses its essence especially with the other planar addition (above the toe area) and the double wing at the heel zone. i wont question the ergonomics as im sure thorough thoughts has been put through in that department in the process of realizing its prototype. good job tho!

  • G.String

    10 inches heels can be relatively easy to walk in the base is well structured( Prada, Miu miu are great for that)

    here , I fear the sole base is not adapted to the foot shape , so it would be quite painful to walk in them , particularly as there is no support for the instep .

    George likes to wear heals…

  • polly

    put a friggin foot in them. sick of seeing this shoe without any evidence of it actually working. what is the point! getting very angry!!!

    • Diego

      The Mojito shoe was used on two shows for the 2010 London Fashion week that took place last weekend. The shoes did look stunning on the show.
      Photos of the shoes being worn will appear very soon, no doubt.

      • Coen

        The point is the presentation. When you present a shoe, don't present it just an abstract work of art. If you want to 'elevate' a shoe to a piece of art than show us a shoe and show us that it is still a piece of art when worn.
        Don't just show us art and tell us its a shoe.
        When, as here, the essence of the product is not show it feels a little dishonest.

    • cari


  • I love the story – but seriously, this cannot be comfortable for a single second. Koolhas' United Nude models look stunning too, but I never, ever managed to walk with some on. And trust me, I am used to strutting on high heels onto the Paris pavement!

  • Sadiqa

    ALOT more practical than the almost vertical ballerina pumps I've seen, but still I'm sure the health of the feet will be comprised by the stiletto-wearer. Personally would like to see the stilettoes in action to be convinced.

    However, it's a beautiful design and I'm sure it has been through alot of thought and testing otherwise it wouldn't be out there.

  • najoo

    Brave idea. Never see a photo with foot. Without the support in the middle part, very possible the shoes will be a nightmare. I guess only Victoria Beckham can wear them.

  • frank

    The girls in the video look mighty unconfortable on them, if that's what they are wearing, because in this page all i see are renders.

    Nice exercise in shape, poor shoe, it looks like the deformation of the strip which joins the two halves will make walking on those very difficult indeed.

  • Hi guys, thanks for the comments. We have been super busy and had 10 pairs of Hakes shoes out on the catwalks for London Fashion Week. Will get some photos and back stage video when we get chance. Here is some film from today.


  • rachel

    Wow! Just looked at ada zanditon show photos – great picture of the shoe in action! Great work, a beautiful piece of fashion design.

  • Giada

    Very interesting idea…where can I get a pair???

  • pod

    Think the biggest problem is weight, I expect that V joint which is there is made of steel, otherwise it would deform. So the weght should be much higher that avarage shoes

  • wow! Never seen designs looks amazing and elegant but iam afraid u cant wear them outside.

  • Teuletz

    Do they actually work in real life? Or just in 3D Max?

  • Chrissy

    I really loved the original design, but the implementation seems a study in compromise. I am so sorry to say that, I know you worked so hard on them. But it's just honest: i went from Wow I have to find those, to eh, oh well….