Hybreed by Charlotte Kingsnorth


Hybreed by Charlotte Kingsnorth

London Design Festival 2010: London designer Charlotte Kingsnorth will present a collection of fat chairs at Designersblock in London next week.

Hybreed by Charlotte Kingsnorth

Called Hybreed, the project involves creating one-off pieces by upholstering reclaimed chair frames with bulging upholstery. The alterations are meant to represent the rolls of flesh on each chair's obese owner.

Hybreed by Charlotte Kingsnorth

The series is a development of Kingsnorth's graduation project from 2009, entitled At One. Designersblock takes place 23-26 September as part of the London Design Festival.

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The text below is from Kingsnorth:

Charlotte Kingsnorth at London Design Festival 2010

A crossbreed of furniture evolved from the concept of the relationship between a sofa and the voluptuous flesh of its obese occupier. Kingsnorth, the metamporph, picks reclaimed chairs and transforms them into different curvaceous characters and forms depending on the frames they envelop. Thus, each chair is unique, a one-off.

Oxo Tower Wharf
Bargehouse Street
South Bank
London SE1 9PH

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  • Vitor

    looks like chair illness!

  • akronwriter

    I mean, I love fresh design as much as the next person… but I wouldn't want to sit on anything resembling obesity… I think it would gross me out a bit… I can certainly do the felt chair though!

  • alex

    The first one looks like goatse.

  • bubble

    this is a definition of grotesque

  • Gravy


  • Can we please stop classifying this kind of work as furniture and call it what it is? It's art. Boring, grotesque art as the previous mentioned.

  • edd

    i think these are amusing, grotesque definitely not.
    and also, lets face it, they have to be more comfortable than a collection of emaciated anorexic chairs.


    nice ass

  • This is so f*ng erotic, it´s like furniture porn!

  • silicon m

    I think they are all brilliant. Absolutely fantastic and I would love to have them scattered throughout my entire house. In every room and a unique set for dining.

  • pero

    when i look on things/furniture like that i always ask myself a question – do we need staff like that? or more important question – would anyone buy this? chair is a chair and backpack is a bakcpack – why do do we have to merge them in one piece? i just don't understand

  • "At one" was far more repulsive, with its greasy aspect & colour. Reminds me of Lambert Kamps' "Obese furniture" http://www.lambertkamps.com/

  • Lucille

    Saw them at design week, Functional, comfy and sexy.