Hong Kong PSi Tower by Michael Young


Hong Kong PSi Tower by Michael Young

British designer Michael Young has designed a tower for Hong Kong with faceted surfaces that will change according to weather and lighting conditions.

Hong Kong PSi Tower by Michael Young

Called PSi Tower, the project is the first in a series of strategies Young is developing for the Wan Chai area.

Hong Kong PSi Tower by Michael Young

The building will house offices and apartments, with a public art space and restaurants at ground level, and outdoor theater area further up.

Hong Kong PSi Tower by Michael Young

The plans are to be unveiled at 100% Design Shanghai in November, where Young is creative director (see our earlier story).

Hong Kong PSi Tower by Michael Young

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The information that follows is from Young:

The PSi Tower Building, Hong Kong

British Hong Kong based designer Michael Young has been commissioned to develop building project strategies for Wanchai Cultural District. The first concept PSi Tower has been developed as an office complex with luxury apartments for business users and executives overlooking Kowloon district. Conceptually the project, based visually on the essence of ancient Chinese building techniques, has been carried forward into the 21st Century with its multi facetted surfaces that change according to weather and light conditions.

Hong Kong PSi Tower by Michael Young

The 5-hectare site will include a ground level internal atrium for public art and pedestrian use, containing outdoor restaurants with outdoor seating. The upper central interior section also boasts a native plantation that encloses an outdoor theatre area.

Hong Kong PSi Tower by Michael Young

Having lived in Hong Kong for several years, Young wanted to design a building that could be both understood by local residents and also be compelling on an international platform. Young, who has humorously stated he wanted to pickle Fosters Gherkin at the unveiling in Wanchai cultural centre today, admitted it was a great pleasure to work on such a large scale after watching great architects challenge the furniture industry over the years, and that finally the industry was becoming symbiotic a natural evolution of technology and engineering.

Detailed information on the project will be unveiled at presentation and public exhibition during 100% Design Shanghai in early November at Nanjing West Road.

Project: PSi Tower Hong Kong
Client: PSi Partners & PC Building Corp China
Design: Michael Young Projects Ltd
Place: Hong Kong, China 2010
Planning and consultant: Porbic Partners
Local Architect: Arnold Woo & Partners

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  • Joe

    I definitely don't want to see this, it destroy the view of HK. Please leave it.

  • yoyo

    hong kong IS about land marks ! its an international trading port with tax breaks .. hong kong is not about integration , its a hard city that needs some modern buildings
    not built by developers who care how much they can get per sq ft …its all hotels and business , its not like that spot on the harbour is free for the locals …… give the man a break he is bring a bit of art into the alternatives which a A LOT worse . architecture should be open to the domain and NOT the kept within the world of students who served at school for so many years to get a piece of paper …

  • Seungha

    It’s terrible… This building remembers me “the dome for grand national theater” in Beijing. Building itself isn’t so bad but the location doesn’t match.

  • vvn

    this is really ugly… ZERO respect to the surrounding.

  • Katsudon

    He's like the guy who steps forward to be in front of the picture!

    This design simply turns its back to all what have been done in Victoria Harbor…
    I have nothing against product designers doing architecture, as long as they really want to think about what it implies and work hand in hand with architects.

  • jojowasmydog

    Its so lousy that I actually sign up, login and comment!

    Please dont do architecture.

  • Rex

    I'm from Hong Kong, please no more bigger building on Victoria Harbor…
    We need more SKY!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul, Yorkshire

    I like it it, it looks like a rebelious building and could be iconic similar to the gherkin.
    I especially like the nightime images.

  • tectonic migrane

    lovely…a habitable vase…and a derivative one at that…add one more poorly ghostwritten building to the list…what a poser.

  • Ck P

    Once this monstrosity is implemented I'm moving out of Hong Kong.

  • Kjo

    I think it's great!

    not a fan of the proportions

  • Shan

    Could have at least given us some good renderings. The daytime ones look straight out of google earth! You cant even see the building in some of the night time ones. And yoyo, not the right context to prove a point about students striving to get a piece of paper- this illustrates the opposite of your point!

  • ben

    This project will never happen there.
    The HSBC headquarter building is behind this construction (you can see a spot of pink on the first picture, that's it).
    HSBC has an agreement with the Government which states that nothing can obstruct the harbour view from their building.
    Notice on the other maps how there is nothing in front of it.
    There you go, a bit of Hong Kong trivia for you.

  • Dave Carpenter

    Concepts are always part of change. Architecture is part of office and office furniture design for the last 60 yrs it has. Where would we be without both?

  • adrian

    please dont do that, otherwise the victoria harbour will totally messed up.

  • catitude

    it just doesn't fit. pls don't.

  • Lyn

    Good building but please don't put it at that location. Horrible giant size on the harbour view. Hope it is not real.

  • Hunter

    It looks like a giant corn cob.

  • Mattimatico

    Surprised no one noticed the depth of the floor plate. Even if the core was ginormous, the floor plates would be really deep and therefore dark near the core. Kind of a depressing place to be in, I imagine. It is not entirely out of place to have poorly designed work places in Hong Kong, but I doubt you could sell those inner spaces at the premium needed on the waterfront. Maybe you could put in a central atrium and hope some light goes down the center, but where would you put the core? You would have to have external cores or lots of transfer cores. I would like to know the efficiency of that.

    So yes, it is a bit out of scale, but it does have some redeeming qualities. And yes, it might have succeeded, and yes creatives can jump across lines with some success. Relax