City Series and Studio Line by Michael Young for Zixag

Hong Kong designer Michael Young has created a collection of computer bags for Chinese brand Zixag.

The City Series comprises sleeves and small bags while the Studio Line is more durable.

The bags will be available from next month in light and dark grey.

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Here are some more details from Michael Young:

Michael Young has designed a range of computer bags for Chinese brand Zixag. The collection includes both lap top covers and an extensive range of casual brief-case-bags all with lap top protection.

The collection was born from over two years work and research into the modern Mac user. Young says of the collection, “I have been using Apple since its outset and grown up with the brand so my understanding on how to look after it both daily and in travel is extensive”.

The “City Series” sleeve collection extends to small bags and presents some very interesting ergonomic solutions that are very convenient for the carrier whilst the “Studio Line”, extends the design into harder materials that offer great function for office use and travel.

The collection will be first launched at the beginning of May and is available in light grey and charcoal. Zixag will be expanding the range into a full travel line later in the year.

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