Jewellerysense by Flóra Vági


Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

Hungarian designer Flóra Vági presented a collection for jewellery made from wood, paper and old books at last week's Budapest Design Week.

Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

Called Jewellerysense, the exhibition at G13 Gallery included pieces made from tropical wood, pierced and knotted together with colourful thread.

Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

Vági also presented coiled bangles carved out from a single piece of wood and held in tension with metal pins.

Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

Budapest Design Week took place 1-10 October.

Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

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Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

Here's some more information from the organisers:

While organic materials, colours and forms influence our senses, we get a chance to discover objects and jewellery pieces that cross the boundaries of contemporary design, fine art and applied arts.

Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

After finishing her studies in Italy, the young hungarian designer gained her Master's degree at the Royal College of Art in London in 2008.

Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

Her works are on display in the most prestigious contemporary jewellery galleries across Europe and the United States.

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The wearable artworks are exhibited in G13 Art Gallery, a contemporary and modern art gallery of international standards.

Jewellerysense by Flora Vagi

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  • æon

    I guess the idea has been taken from The Flintstones

  • Tom

    Whilst being visually somewhat cumbersome to digest, the work contains a seductively tactile element…