Shell by Julia Krantz


Fashion designer Julia Krantz has created this collection of garments comprising translucent fabrics draped over metal frames.

Shell by Julia Krantz

Called Shell, the symmetrical garments formed Krantz's final project while studying at HDK School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Shell by Julia Krantz

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Shell by Julia Krantz

Here is some more information from Julia Krantz:

In my final project I have deviated from the physical paper and sketched directly on the body with the material. I have let myself be inspired by anatomical elements, inner organs, and physical symmetry, as well as different body-related objects, such as protective equipment, masks, and different appliances.

Shell by Julia Krantz

I have worked in two layers in which I have built metal constructions together with outer transparent garments.

Shell by Julia Krantz

I have enlarged and deformed but also created new forms where weight, direction, and silhouette have been my starting points.

Shell by Julia Krantz

By adding light, I enhance the three-dimensional experience and the physical body.

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  • LOW

    Prosthetic fashion, dig it.

  • S>B

    Genius work, love the structure of it all! not sure i would wear smthg like that and wonder the streets but I bet Lady Gaga would proudly do it :)