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The Volcanobook by Today Designers

Competition: five copies of The Volcanobook to be won

Competition: speaking of volcanos (see our earlier story), we've teamed up with Today Designers in the Netherlands to give away five copies of their Volcanobook, featuring a cover printed in volcanic ash.

The Volcanobook by Today Designers

The book contains an essay on the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland earlier this year, which resulted in a cloud of ash drifting into European airspace and grounding flights (see our story here), plus work by designers and illustrators on the theme of volcanoes.

The Volcanobook by Today Designers

This competition has now closed.

The Volcanobook by Today Designers

Competition closes 15 November 2010. Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

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The Volcanobook by Today Designers

Here are some more details from Today Designers:

I would like to inform you about The Volcanobook, a limited edition from Today Designers about the Icelandic volcano eruption, printed with volcano-ash (see attachments). Perhaps you can give this creative project some publicity on dezeen?

The idea started when the Eyjó-ashcloud hit Europe in april 2010 for several weeks. Everyone was complaining about it and we felt the urge to turn it into something possitive. With the help of internet we contacted Icelandic people who work or live close to the volcano area. We asked them to send a bag of volcano-ash to Holland so we could turn it into a workable ink for print. We used this ash to create a beautiful illustration on the book cover.

The Volcanobook by Today Designers

In The Volcanobook information and creation come together. A volcanologist researched this ash and wrote an article about it. Futher many designers and illustrators contribute with an inspirational artwork about Iceland or the volcano. The first 500 copies are in Dutch. We are working on a complete english edition as well.

The book presentation is on thursday the 14th of october in the Hot Ice gallery in Amsterdam. The mayor of the Iceland volcano area will present the first copy of the book. His name is: Ísólfur Gylfi Pálmason and he is the mayor of Hvolsvöllur, a little village counting 850 people.

Congratulations to our winners! Mohammed Mansoor from India, Lisa Rumetsch from Switzerland, Matt Whatley from the UK, Thomas Neumann from Germany and Jimmie Knutsson from Sweden.