M2 by Milev Architects


M2 by Milev Architects

New York studio Milev Architects have designed this range of jewellery and clothing made from rubber bands.

M2 by Milev Architects

Called M2, the line is part of the firm's Recycling of the Architectural Office collection made from office stationary, which the designers think will become redundant due to the use of computers.

M2 by Milev Architects

The necklaces are currently on sale at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

M2 by Milev Architects

Here's more from Margarita Mileva:

I am a licensed architect who both resides and practices in New York. Raised in a family with mother-sculptor and father-painter, I have always been intrigued by different art forms.

M2 by Milev Architects

Shapes, volumes and colours fascinate me, and quite often I am also looking for similar expression in the architectural projects that I am working on.

M2 by Milev Architects

The jewellery design brings a welcome opportunity for me to experiment with new design challenges, ideas, materials and forms. I am trying to create unique, funky jewellery that I would like to be seen as conversational openers.

M2 by Milev Architects

The ever-changing character of the contemporary architectural office, where standard tools become obsolete, in lieu of digital technology, inspires this particular collection of necklaces.

M2 by Milev Architects

For the collection “Recycling of the Architectural Office” I am reusing paperclips, punched business cards, eyelids, rubber bands, mosaic stones, presentation wire binding elements, ribbons, etc.

M2 by Milev Architects

When creating necklaces and pins using rubber bands I have the feeling of drawing and painting using rubber bands as my color palette. It is very interesting for me to follow the reaction of the people around trying to figure out the material, with its unique texture and pastel colours.

M2 by Milev Architects

Having Guggenheim Museum in mind I created a series of pins and necklaces. As an architect I am inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and the form, the volumes and the light of the museum.

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  • Belle

    imagine long hair get tangled up in the 'necklaces'. major OUCH!

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    Those who use the word funky should be hung until they are dead.

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      I wholeheartedly agree, string em' up

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    Love the intricacy of those!

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    Amazing..love these..are they for sale?