Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson


Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

London designers PostlerFerguson have created a collection of lamps shaped like nautical buoys.

Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

Called Buoy Lamps, the pieces comprise wooden ribs bound together with rope.

Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

PostlerFerguson presented the project at Mint shop as part of the London Design Festival in September.

Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

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Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

The following details are from the designers:

The Buoy Lamps are part of an ongoing investigation to the aesthetics of industrial technology. The most specific, highly engineered objects take functionality to an extreme which is no longer recognizable to the layperson. The odd shapes and brilliant colours of navigational buoys could just as well be from children's' toys, Christmas ornaments or giant jewellery.

Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

Underneath the bizarre appearance, however, remains a pleasing materiality that is still comprehensible to the non-engineer upon inspection. There is a logic of balance, construction and materials that is curiously pleasurable, rewarding in its simplicity and inevitability.Buoy Lamps by PostlerFerguson

The Buoy Lamps draw on these qualities, referencing various aspects of marine culture in their design and performance. Wooden ribs bound together by rope support central lights, balanced so that they can be jostled into different angles.

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  • Complex but so pure! nice!

  • Amit Dixit

    I think one of the best lamps I have ever seen…..too good..Very Scientific (More like Radio Telescopes)

  • if you like boats. you´ll like this. : )

  • Congratulations!
    Very fine work ,precise and beautifull.
    Well dome!!

  • Lovely combination of materials!!

  • paperform

    These are seriously hot!