Lanterne Marine by BarberOsgerby for Venini

Milan 09: Italian glassmakers Venini launched a collection of hand-blown vases by London designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.


Aluminium frames are attached to the vases by a ring where the upper glass component (intended to hold flower stems in place) is inserted into the lower one.


These frames were inspired by vernacular lanterns seen hanging from boats in the Venetian Lagoon when the designers travelled from the mainland to Venini's workshops on the island of Murano.


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The following information is from BarberOsgerby:


Lanterne Marine by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

Launched at the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2009, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s first major commission for Murano glassmakers Venini are on display at the Venini Showroom in Milan. The six, limited edition, hand-blown, glass vases comprise three vase designs, each available in two colour versions.


It was through the frequent boat trips from the Venetian mainland to the island of Murano that this project was conceived. ‘We were inspired by the metal frames that are used for protecting hanging lamps on boats around the Venetian Lagoon. Metal bands are also used in the construction of the timber posts and buoys that mark the traffic lanes,’ says Osgerby.


The aluminium frames surrounding the vases are intended to evoke the vernacular nautical objects found around Murano. The circular frames are attached to an aluminium disk that separates the base and top. Each base and top are blown in a range of special Venini colours which interlock to create new colours through layering. The open calyx-like tops are intended to hold the flower stems.


Barber and Osgerby’s relationship with Venini began eight years ago whilst designing architectural elements for Stella McCartney’s flagship store in New York. Through the ongoing working relationship, Barber and Osgerby have become fascinated by the elemental nature of glass making and the ancient craft skills of the Venini experts.


‘Lanterne Marine extends the themes that we have been experimenting with in other areas of our work. The project combines explorations of detailed handcraft with engineering. It expands upon our longstand-ing interest in nautical design and our fascination with colour composition, transparency and layering,’ says Barber.


The three vases come in two colour sets:

Set 1:

Vase 1 - green base (white foot), opaque white top, turquoise frame. Size – 591x337mm
Vase 2 - opaline light green base (black foot), opaline orange top, anthracite frame. Size – 520x322mm
Vase 3 - tapla base (black foot), opaline black base, anthracite frame. Size – 471x372mm
Set 2:

Vase 1 - titanium/carbonium base (white foot), opaque yellow top, anthracite frame. Size – 591x337mm
Vase 2 - opaline black base (white foot), opaline light green top, silver frame. Size – 520x322mm
Vase 3 - aquamarine base (white foot), opaline green top, anthracite frame. Size – 471x372mm

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