Gravity Pearl by NOSIGNER


Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

Tokyo 2010: Japanese designer NOSIGNER presented magnetic jewellery made of pearls at DesignTide Tokyo 2010 this week. 

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

Called Gravity Pearl, magnets inside the artificial pearls allow them to transform into different kinds of jewellery, including earrings, brooches, rings and bracelets.

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

The pearls can be formed into clusters to create different variations of jewellery items.

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

The pieces are produced in collaboration with manufacturers HK.

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

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Here's some more information from the designer:

HK Gravity Pearl

Beyond Acrual Pearl

In Japanese, the character for "izumi" (fountain) is a hybrid of the two characters for "white" and "water". The artificial pearls produced by HK (calls 'HAKU')'s artisans in Izumi are akin to shining crystals emerging from white water.

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

Being first to master the production of artificial pearls in Japan, 
Izumi artisans have a long-standing inherited and traditional know-how passed on from generation to generation.

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

For the exhibition, HK developed "Gravity pearls" in collaboration with designer NOSIGNER.

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

They are magnetic pearls that attract one another, and transform to ring, necklace, earing, broach,etc.

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

HK introduce this new and enticing breed of pearls, which can cluster like bubbles.

Gravity Pearl by HK and NOSIGNER

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  • Tom

    Quite brilliant, and quite easy to lose…

  • Henk

    Must be the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while…

  • polly

    Sorry but this isn't working. For a photo carefully positioned, yes. Not everyday use. don't try and fool people

  • aw.arch

    …not really a "new thing"
    ever heard of bucky balls?!

  • Frankygoestobllywood

    the reason it comes in test tube is because otherwise it just looks like a large clump of balls.

  • milena

    a great studio
    the glas is a divine shell for these pieces
    you are a master of the art of looking at things carefully

    matane berlin/tokyo

  • I am sure it can work, there is really strong magnets and the shape is beautiful.
    I just have a doubt about the magnetic fields and health

  • sonya

    I do not think that would be nice when people use it.