Second Skin by Quinze & Milan


Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan

Belgian designers Quinze & Milan have designed this chair comprising layers of leather and fabric clamped between an oak frame.

Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan

Called Second Skin, the seats are handmade with up to five layers of leather or fabric.

Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan

The information below is from Quinze & Milan:

Beautifully color-dyed leather, exchangeable fabrics by Kvadrat, and a timeless wooden framework. Say hello to our new Second Skin chair.

Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan

What makes a chair a chair? What distinguishes it from a stool, a sofa or a bench for that matter? For Second Skin, we stripped down the notorious easy chair from all unneccesary frills, until we were left with nothing but its core, the bones.

Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan

Given the deconstructed chair and keeping in mind traditional upholstering in leather, we then started playing – the result being a comfortable chair reflecting a 21st-century interpretation of time-honoured craftmanship.

Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan

A strikingly simple framework, created from massive lacquered oak, supports a generous piece of leather skin which is wedged between the back and arm rests. Each chair is constucted by hand and totally unique, due to the variety in cut-outs of big pieces of leather and the way they are draped around the framework.

Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan

The wink to fashion should be obvious, as well as the reasoning behind its name - although apart from leather, there is also the option of upholstering the chair in the desired colour of fabric Divina by Kvadrat. If desired, up to five layers of (contrasting) leather or fabric can be applied to one chair.

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  • pitic

    So they saw Lady Gaga dressed up in a meat costume, in the Japanese Vogue Issue, and they thought, why not hanging meat on chairs, so you can sit on flapping bits and pieces.

  • John davies

    I don't really see the connection with Quinze & Milan style , what a name Second skin its a perfect name for a cosmetic company , anyway not my cup of tea ! its definitely not the best product we have seen lately from the company !

  • its hard to believe that someone can launch such chair

  • Olive

    feels so unfinished … I agree with @Alex: its hard to believe that someone can launch such chair

  • nora

    Vintage lovers, eat your heart out!

  • roro

    whats up here??? Experiments are always welcome in the world…. recycle animals…..muuhhhhhhh

  • arne

    @ Alex : when u got the reputation, u put out whatever u want…

  • Emerson

    If this has never been done before, then it is with good reason…

  • polly

    @arne: that statement is irresponsible….and disappointing

  • I think this is going in the right direction, the choice of ostrich leather for the main images is a mistake though. Look for example of the images in the store with the draping material being clamped into the chairs, now that is interesting… they should have gone with that more: ie how you can recycle things in you surroundings into the chair.