Pipixar by Artem Zigert


Pipixar Lamp by Artem Zigert

This desk lamp standing on three little legs is by designer Artem Zigert of Mechanical Piano Design in Kazakhstan.

Pipixar Lamp by Artem Zigert

Called Pipixar, the lamp is made of glazed ceramic.

Pipixar Lamp by Artem Zigert

Here's a tiny bit of text from Zigert:

My goal was to make a lamp based on the proportions of a small person. At the same time, I was trying to bring up the same sweet emotions as that when you watch kids. The lamp is made of glazed ceramics with energy-saving bulb.

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  • spectator

    lol, perhaps the name gives it all as to where it was plagiarised from?

    • calen

      i dont get it. plagarized from where?

  • bashar

    Looks beautiful, however i feel it might brake really fast !

  • gravy

    Bashar makes a good point. This lamp will break if it is hit against a hard surface with enough force to break it.

    • xtiaan

      yes it would
      it would also break if it was a titanuim reinforced carbon fibre solid block with a lead core and you hit it "with enough force to break it"

      I dont think the fact its ceramic is of concern, guns are made from ceramic these days

  • Object

    lol… its funny how you can tell calen and xtiaan are the same person pretending to pose as comments coming from different people… just stating the obvious…