Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas


Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

Spanish studio Dooa Arquitecturas have completed an extension to a school in Torrevieja, Spain, with a blackboard as a wall.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

Called Menjarosa, the aim of the project was to minimise the loss of playground space.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

The blackboard-wall separates the canteen from the classrooms and the surrounding magenta aluminium-mesh fence reconciles the old and new parts of the school.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

Photographs are by Pepe Pascual Fuentes.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

Here's some more information from the architects:

MENJAROSA (Virgen del Carmen school’s canteen, Torrevieja, Alicante, SPAIN)

Do you remember those unforgettable moments playing with your friends at school in the courtyard? It is exactly there, in the funniest place of the school, where it is necessary to build the new canteen.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

The project tries to minimize the loss of playground surface, becoming an extension of the children area, able to interact with them.
A big wall that encloses the canteen and separates it from the classrooms becomes a huge blackboard where the children can draw.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

The existing trees have been preserved and they seem to penetrate into the building with the only impediment of a glass wall that allows children to have lunch almost in contact with the vegetation.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

A garden of autochthonous fragrant plants in which both trees were transplanted as they interfered with the new construction it sifts encounter between the court of service and the access to the school

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

The “telemagenta” skin of Aluminium expanded mesh turns into the fence of the ancient school, being canteen, court, kitchen and fence at the same time, turning it into the integration element of both the old and the new buildings where they fuse together.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

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His strong personality provides to the set of identity, making it possible that with the passing of the years, when the children have grown up and will left the school, this school canteen will remain in their memory as a pleasing recollection of their infancy.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

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And why that color? Maybe the color is a reminiscence of the famous pink salt lakes in Torrevieja, the city where the school is, or maybe just because we “felt” it that way.

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

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*Building: MENJAROSA(Virgen del Carmen school canteen’s, Torrevieja, Alicante, SPAIN)
dooa arquitecturas: Asunción Díaz García (architect), Vicente Pascual Fuentes (architect), Miguel Pérez de Sarrió Fraile (architect)
*Contributors: AV Ingenieros: María Amorós Gonzálvez, José María Vidal Coves (engineers)
no-2 Ingeniería Estructural: Santiago Lloret Fuentes, Joaquín Doménech Carbonell, Guillermo Almerge Angulo, Marc Ruiz Buyolo (structure)

Menjarosa by Dooa Arquitecturas

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*Location: Calle Tabarca s/n, 03183, Torrevieja (Alicante, SPAIN)
*Project Year: July 2009
*Client: Consellería de Educació de la Generalitat Valenciana
*Constructor: JOST S.A.
*Building area: 344,24 m2

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  • It's like prison with color.
    Why do playgrounds have to look like prison-yards. Where is the green? Why all the concrete? Ever heard of grass?

    • Mont mobbo

      Because this region is very very dry. And maintaining grass is useless and expensive. In my opinion, keep the kids playing under the roof shadow is great.

  • Albert

    Barcelona pavilion influence i think… I like the simplicity, but not the colors,…

  • David

    I like his interior luminosity and his exterior originality.

  • Rolfo

    PINK!!! like strawberry gum! I like it! it's fun for kids.
    Reminds me Barragan, I think that it can be appropiate because Southern Spain has a climate similar to Mexico.
    Great building!

  • JuiceMajor

    I am loving the pink colour!

  • people

    Spain is looking more and more like the Sahara!

  • michelalano

    There still looks to be plenty of room for some "play " equipment. A basketball hoop? A slide? Maybe even a bench? If they're going to pave everything they could at least put some outdoor tables and chairs for the canteen. Otherwise, more vegetation would be nice.

  • erj

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hot pink and the chalk board surfaces!

  • Kiolka

    amazing ! such a great idea ! i absolutely demand such school in my neighborhood !

  • Normally I'm not a big fan of pink in buildings, butt in this building it looks great. Especially with the chalkboard surfaceses.

  • potatoblender

    i love the chalkboard surfaces. give me a freedom to express ideas during recess…

  • NA

    Brillant!!!…I love the scheme…wish they hadsoft soft landscape, It would have complemented the pink grills nicely.

  • If only the US Dep't of Education had the funds and the imagination to build schools like these… But our funds and imagination go into Stealth bombers and other beautifully lethal designs.