Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

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Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

Product design graduate Amila Hrustić of Bosnia and Herzegovina has created a collection of dresses embellished with clustered geometric shapes.

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

The Plato Collection is inspired by the five different Platonic solids - tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron, which are recreated in paper and attached to fabric in different configurations.

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

Hrustić's has just graduated in product design at the Academy for Fine Arts in Sarajevo and the collection was her diploma project.

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

Photographs are by Irfan Redžović.

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Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

Here's some more information from Hrustić:

Plato's Collection
"Geometry existed before the creation" - Plato

The title of this diploma project is "Plato's Collection" and the main inspiration for the entire Collection is located in Platonic solids. The collection is consists of five unique dresses handcrafted from a combination of textiles and paper.

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

Plato, the great Greek philosopher, studied what we now call "Platonic solids". No one knows who first described the shapes of these bodies, perhaps early Pythagoreans, but some, including Euclid, say that it was a close friend of Plato's Theaetetus.

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

There are only five Platonic solids: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. This diploma project examines the concept of geometrically arranged and structured space in relation to the human body.

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

It is the most appropriate to call it a study of perception and contrast, and study of relationship between artificial and organic, amorphous and geometric. Each of the five Platonic solids is a basic building element for making dresses.

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

Simplicity of form and use of black and white print patterns on rigid paper emphasize the sculptural collection, its attitude toward the body and overall expression in space. Therefore, Plato's collection does not fit into the category of everyday fashion and can be considered as a stage costume, and is intended for high-aesthetic stage performances, fashion editorials and other special purposes.

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

Design: Amila Hrustić
Dresses construction: Milan Senić
Model: Lana Pašić

Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić

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  • Samo

    Put the white dress off the girl, scale it 300x and nice skyscraper is done.

  • rimper

    something that Lady Gaga would wear..

  • Dena

    Lady Gaga beat them to it

  • portion

    i think the real winner is this girls haircut

  • alch

    I'm not an expert on fashion at all, but it seems like I've seen it so many times. Typical student work and not much to talk about.

  • logorithm

    That's gonna hurt.

  • felix

    never seen the skyscraper one myself, very cool.
    the execution of all the ideas is great, whether they're original or not. I love the concentric patterns.

  • Luca Trombetta

    This is so Wallpaper. Love it!

  • Kathleen Faulkner

    I really enjoy these pieces. As a jewelry artist, I especially appreciate the look and the idea behind the embellishments. I'd say it's a winner.

  • Fizz

    And if you want to give her a hug?