2440x1220, Saw, Assemble by Pål Rodenius

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2440x1220, Saw, Assemble by Pål Rodenius

Swedish designer Pål Rodenius sells sheets of plywood printed with the outlines of furniture components.

2440x1220, Saw, Assemble by Pål Rodenius

Users are required to cut out and assemble the furniture they need, using Rodenius' patterns as a guide.

2440x1220, Saw, Assemble by Pål Rodenius

Called 2440x1220, Saw, Assemble, the project formed part of Rodenius's degree at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

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The information that follows is from the designer:

Pål Rodenius 2440x1220 Saw, assemble

In the project 2440x1220, Saw, Assemble I have been inspired by the Do It Yourself movement. DIY builds on the creativity of the individual, one’s capacity for initiative and one’s desire to realize one’s ideas. I have been inspired by sheets of pattern paper used in the manufacture of clothing, and my line of furniture is based on two‐dimensional patterns of furniture. The sections of the pieces of furniture are printed on and relate to a standard sheet of plywood.

In my project I provide tools for luring forth people’s ability to create and take their own initiatives. The project is aimed at those who are experienced in making furniture themselves and also those who have no experience at all. My intention is to encourage individual creativity and to communicate the idea that it is easy to create furniture.

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  • 0815

    shit, the idea is great. I just don't really like the shape. and why is the wooden surface that ugly?

  • JuiceMajor

    I think this is great…transforming a ugly surface into something that means something…but of course, everything is out of the window when they start charging a lot of money for it!!

    Big mistake!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001552585364 Gunjan Mundhada

    first u have to buy it.then u have to put ur own efforts to make it(with limitations).then u get a product which u never desired in the first place.

  • ggg

    sorry, but this has been done before, and even more than once or twice….

  • Hkeh

    The lines makes it look a bit "techno" or like some sort of circuit board. Must say I'm a bit bored with everybody using plywood. The idea is nice but as said before, nothing new under the sun, since the 60s…

  • bruce

    "The project is aimed at those who are experienced in making furniture themselves and also those who have no experience at all. "

    Nice idea but… I doubt that people who are experienced in furniture making would have interest in assembling this stuff… while people with no interest in furniture would most likely not have the tools and skills to cut the pieces then sand and finish the edges to a nice standard.

  • Jakov

    They should scale it 1:5 and make it a toy!