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Quand Jim se Relaxe by Matali Crasset

French designer Matali Crasset has designed a chair and footstool with chunks of upholstery slotted into a plywood frame for French brand Domeau & Pérès.

Called Quand Jim se Relaxe, pieces of foam wrapped in leather make up the seat and backrest.

These are divided by gaps to accommodate the slotted-together wooden frame.

Photographs are by Fred Dumur.

Here's a bit of text from Domeau & Pérès:

Quand Jim se relaxe, sofa and footrest, Domeau & Pérès.

Has Jim aged? Or maybe he just feels like taking it easy?
Sofa chair and footrest for Domeau & Pérès

“Quand Jim se relaxe” is a flashback to “Quand Jim monte à Paris”, the mobile hospitality column edited by Domeau & Pérès in 2000. This was Matali’s major push to propose a life scenario more than a function, and has become her unfailing signature.

Ten years later, decidedly installed in Paris, Jim settles down and wonders how to define comfort. For this renewed association with Domean & Pérès, Matali aspired to register the know-how management and competence of these furniture editors. The detailed project design highlights the 3D image industry, projected using an upholsterer’s ingenious sewn mastery.

Made in multi-ply birch and natural leather, “Quand Jim se relaxe” is an original ensemble composed of a sofa chair and footrest. This project offers another seating option. Nothing is hidden, notably the wooden sofa frame, essential to remain visible as boasting a curved structure.

The birch plywood attests the acumen of well-mastered fiber consolidation. The frame adopts the role of comfort, continuing with symbolic recessed partitions, beckoning for assimilation and dialogue. The sofa goes back to the basics of comfort, omitting armrests, with no attention paid to posture or representation. Here the quintessence remains letting go and feeling as one with well-being.

Full grain leather (70 colors available) and birch plywood. Seating comfort with double-thick foam.

The sofa chair: width  792 mm, Length 975 mm, Height 620 mm
Footrest: width 580 mm

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