Shokki by Laurent Corio


More design for the kitchen: these cooking vessels by Paris designer Laurent Corio are made of white clay with coloured enamelled interiors.

Shokki by Laurent Corio

Called Shokki, the collection features handles made from looped strips of clay, shaped for easy use with a microwave oven.

Shokki by Laurent Corio

The pots are made of clay extracted from Burgundy, France.

Shokki by Laurent Corio

More about cooking in our Food and Design report for Scholtès.

Shokki by Laurent Corio

Here are some more details from the designer:

Shokki - between the origin and the urban

Combining hedonist and convivial uses, the Shokki collection is the result of a culinary sandstone tradition and a cosmopolitan lifestyle which desires speed and pleasure.

Shokki by Laurent Corio

Those recipients reveal a bare and pure clay while privileging the surprise of an enamelling coloured for the food zones. The original composition of the handles around the double containers was created for a perfect adaptability with the microwave.

Shokki by Laurent Corio

Resistant, dense and waterproof, this clay is extracted from the quarry of the Guimards located in the traditional Burgundy region of France.
Produced in Les guimards manufacture.

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  • YWG

    These would be glazed and not enameled
    enameling is not great for cooking on ceramic vessels
    Suzie Cooper worked with some of these ideas it is nice to see a revisit with a twist

    • pia

      I've bought one in Paris (le Marais) . my personal yellow plate is glazed.
      In french glaze translates as "émaillé" whitch means "enameled" as well

  • paperform

    wow these are just beautiful!
    simplicity rules and superb colours too.

  • linda celentano

    Just lovely. Where can I buy and who is the manufactuter please.

    Thank you,