A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton


A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

Buildings roll through the city on railway tracks in this masterplan by Swedish architects Jagnefalt Milton for Åndalsnes in Norway. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.

A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

Called A Rolling Masterplan, the design was created for a competition to design a masterplan for the city.

A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

Jagnefalt Milton's scheme would use both existing and new railway tracks to move buildings around according to the seasons or events.

A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

Their proposal included a mobile hotel, swimming pool and concert hall.

A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

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Here are some more details from the architects:


The Swedish architecture office Jagnefalt Milton has been awarded in the Norwegian master plan competition for the city of Åndalsnes. Their proposal was a to have buildings rolling through the city on rails. On Friday the jury went public with the awarded master plans for the city of Åndalsnes.

A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

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The jury awarded the Swedish office for a proposal where existing and new rail roads would provide the base for new building that could be rolled back and forth depending on seasons and situations. Amongst other they propose a rolling hotel, a rolling public bath and a rolling concert hall.

A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

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"We are really happy that the jury took our proposal serious, its not only a good proposal which we are very proud of, it´s also fully doable," says Carl Jägnefält one of the two founders of Jägnefält Milton.

A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

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The jury was impressed by the swedes proposals that did not propose new city blocks, public squares, boardwalks etcetera, but instead focused entirely on the existing rail road network and created something unexpected from it. They were also moved by the presentation material which they thought had a surreal mood with a magic and Tarkovsky-esk atmosphere that contrasted well with the sober and technical plans and axonometric drawings.

A Rolling Masterplan by Jagnefalt Milton

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Jagnefält Milton is an architecture office in Stockholm, Sweden. Their last achievement was a first price in the architecture competition to build a culture centre in the city of Galway on Ireland. The office was founded a year ago by Konrad Milton and Carl Jägnefält.

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  • JuiceMajor

    This is the cutest concept ever. I mean in a good way :)

  • mHan

    Exciting and compelling proposal, but just wondering how would it function as linear city moving across the landscape.

    Good stuff Jagnefalt Milton.

  • biboarchitect

    Any idea what he was smoking? Thats a fabulous idea!

  • boo

    Brilliant: as someone who lives in a place with many un-used railways I think I feel a concept coming on!

  • awesome, awesome. but i have to admit, although i have no right to say it since i did nothing about it, I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST! ; )

    • Actually Cedric Price thought of it first in 1964 with the Potteries Think Belt project. The man was genius :)

  • plumbing police

    where does the poop go?

  • Mike

    one out of many questions!….if someone behind your house wants to move around and you don't, how will this be acheived?

    • felix

      everyone moves at once. think gypsy caravans, not individual houseboats

      i like it, although you can't make it out of concrete: too heavy and the vibrations will crack it to hell

      • angry catalan

        I think wind loads are a much bigger problem than vibration due to movement – with which concrete has less problems than other materials since it is monolithic.

  • nice idea but seems useless

    • 3hs

      How can an idea be nice and useless at the same time?

      • Tee

        hmm, like in art for example. but since this is not art, I agree.

      • bernard fevre

        keep visiting dezeen and you'll see

  • Maria

    Additional side-tracks should be provided for, some small tails of tracks so that houses could make way for each other and outrun.

  • bld

    I'm intrigued by the idea and the images, its uncanny in a good way. Sure, when assessed pragmatically there are issues, but the value of this project is not attributed to economic functionality but the ethereal enchantment and the urbanistic provocations. There is also a nice element in the contemporary occupation of historical zones of restricted movement, almost making it ghostly. Nice work !

  • e1027

    inspired! though it says on Jagnefalt Milton website that this only got third place in the competition(?)

  • angry catalan

    Well, the Potteries Thinkbelt was a great idea wasn't it. This application is somewhat more poetic too. I am greatly intrigued as to what will come out of this.

    • David

      more blog posts will come of it

  • stillunwritten

    Very impressive ideally!But in reality it is hard to have same impression

  • jimmy

    I always wanted a house with a cow catcher!

  • fivedollarshake

    lovely idea!!!

    i want to ride one of those houses! when do they start selling the tickets?!..

  • grachie

    don't know how practical it is, but it sure look good!!!

  • thierry

    i think it is really a brilliant idea by the architect!
    and it can be a journey from the city to outskirt, a slow pace house that moves
    this project makes me excited!!!

  • Instant pop-up culture?

  • yyy

    very cool. love it

  • Well done Jagnefalt Milton! Hope to se more stuff soon!

  • Viggo

    It is a project which is very easy to like because of its cuteness and human scale. However, I do not think the typological diversity that is represented in the program plan-diagram is visible in the proposed design, which has a rather homogenous and reductive expression. A truly nomadic development would lead to a more differentiated and individual character of the elements.

    • Mongers

      a truly nomadic development would not be on rails

  • Nice, but Cedric Price came up with this idea a long time ago. Look up his 'Potteries Thinkbelt' project.

  • agata

    we were told in school to not try and reinvent the wheel. we are supposed to know the history of architecture, learn from it and reinterpret. so what if Cedric Price came up with the idea, this is what he was hoping for: "Although he built very little, his lateral approach to architecture and to time-based urban interventions, has ensured that his work has an enduring influence on contemporary architects"
    I'm not convinced these houses are actually going to stroll around the city, but it's a cool idea anyway. I guess you can buy a house but can never own the land. :)

  • There are enough problems thank you very much with our mail being delivered under normal circumstances without confusing the postman even further.

  • Mouse

    imagine ferris wheels for moving the houses….weekly exercise+new scenery. i like it!

  • dullboy

    those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the people doing it

  • Very exciting idea. More like this please!

  • Similar but different to the tiny house movement: http://www.blakestinyhouse.com/