Inserper-able by Rolf Sachs


Inserper-able by Rolf Sachs

Something a bit seasonal: designer Rolf Sachs has fused two sledges together to make a coffee table.

Inserper-able by Rolf Sachs

Called Inserper-able, the design is made of ash by a Swiss sled-maker in an edition of twelve.

Inserper-able by Rolf Sachs

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Inserper-able by Rolf Sachs

Here's some more information from Sachs:

Inserper-able by Rolf Sachs

‘inseper-able’ 2010

Two classic ‘Davoser’ ash hardwood sleds are fused together like an ‘inseparable’ couple to create a surreal and sculptural coffee table/bench, which takes your memory back to playful days in the snow.

The ‘inseparable’ is produced by the renowned Swiss sled and luge-maker, Graf Schlitten in Sulgen, using the traditional wood bending technique.

Sofa table
Material: Ash wood, felt
H26cm x W160cm x D50cm
Edition of 12

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  • It's beautiful. I want to sit on it.

  • Tomi

    i don't understand how can we use it in snow, but is very interesting :)