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Fortis iq watch by Rolf Sach squiq

Fortis IQ watch by Rolf Sachs

Designer Rolf Sachs has created a watch with a blackboard-style face for watch brand Fortis.


The watch, called IQ, has a dark green face and all the markings and hands glow in the dark.

According to Sachs, the concept emerged from a shop window he designed for London department store Selfridges, shown below.

The following information is from Rolf Sachs:


FORTIS IQ Watch Rolf Sachs

"I am always in search of the new"

FORTIS IQ Watch Rolf Sachs

"I am always in search of the new". This quote characterizes the artist who is well known for his puristic design. With this design he wants to address the human senses, in his art the decorative and graphic steps into the background. Chalk is transitory, waking the childhood memories in everybody - leading from the sterile to the human.

Originally the concept for the Rolf Sachs artist edition “IQ Watch” emerged from a surrealism shop window design for Selfridges, a department store in London, on the occasion of a DADA exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

It deserves closer attention to be understood better. The humorous aspect of this design characterises the artist’s personality. Only at second view the secret of its concern is revealed. This inventive FORTIS edition, created in the spirit of the Dadaism unites playful and ease with the perfection of its mechanical inner life. Limited edition of 999 exemplars individually numbered.

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