Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski


Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski

Amsterdam designer Andreas Kowalewski has created a series of lamps shaped like mushrooms.

Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski

The Fungi Lamp is made of nylon webbing that has been wound around a mould and bonded with glue.

Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski

The lamps come in three different colours and heights.

Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski

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Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski.

Here's a tiny bit of text from Kowalewski:

The FUNGI LAMPs are made out of a nylon webbing, bonded together through a special glue technique. With their unconventional construction, each lamp silhouette shows literally a gradual growth like a tree and reveals traces of imperfection of the process.

Fungi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski

The illuminated fabric creates an unique and mystical light effect.

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  • commentator

    are they fungi or mushrooms?

    • felix

      erm, both? the mushroom is the top of the fungus

  • felix

    i think he's photographed these in the wrong context. they're not sophisticated enough to sit next to designer leather chairs in pure white rooms.

    but the lovely simple construction and fun shapes and colours would be perfect for many other places. kids bedrooms, bars and clubs.

  • Bas

    Great Design, really like the small one for the bedroom. where can i buy one?