Slow Sofa by Frederik Roijé


Slow Sofa by Frederik Roije

Cologne 2011: Dutch designer Frederik Roijé presents his range of sofas with an integral side-table in Cologne, Germany, this week.

Slow Sofa by Frederik Roije

Called Slow Sofa, the seat can be reconfigured in various arrangements, including a corner sofa.

Slow Sofa by Frederik Roije

The collection is currently on show at Galerie Fiebach & Minninger during imm Cologne, which opens tomorrow and runs until 23 January.

Slow Sofa by Frederik Roije

Once again we've teamed up with imm Cologne to hold a free series of Dezeentalks at [D3] Design Talents. More details »

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Here's some more information from the designer:

In the context of the Passages during the IMM Cologne 2011, January 17 to 23, Frederik Roijé presents his latest design Slow Sofa at Galerie Fiebach & Minninger. The Slow Sofa is a collaboration of two pieces of furniture and materials in one object.

Slow as a durable starting principle in the design of interior products in order to continuously produce new creations. Within the food culture slow is already more developed. Fascinated by this belief the Slow Sofa is designed.

The Slow Sofa is a family of nine elements that can be applied in many compositions at various locations. An intelligent design for a new period in time.

Manufactured with local industries and craftspeople, with as many as possible natural never-ending and recyclable resources.

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  • Jay D

    Very nice!! Apart from the guy in his undies and socks on the couch!! Ewww.

  • me

    Once in a while you see lovely stuff on this blog. I like this one very much.

  • caliperremote

    slow sofa as opposed to fast sofa? why do the dutch always name things 'slow' this 'slow' that, its almost as if they don't understand what the word means.

    • It's a fuller design because it's designed for longer.

  • Katsudon

    Ouch! This wooden corners waiting for your legs to miss the cushion…

  • saif

    calip….its a sofa that tells you : easy babe! that why its slow

  • jack

    Is´t just me or does it look like a bad version of The Hover Collection?