Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler


Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

Cologne 2011: London designer Harry Thaler's Pressed Chair is one of two joint winning projects in this year's [D3] Contest, an international competition for young designers organised by imm cologne.

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

The chair is made from a 2.5mm-thick aluminium sheet with a relief pressed into the surface, which provides structural strength once the legs are bent into place.

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

A stool using the same technique is made in a similar way from three pieces bolted together.

Thaler developed the project while studying at the Royal College of Art in London last year.

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

His project shares first place with OLA Foldable Table by Swedish studio AKKA - more information to follow soon.

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs will interview the [D3] Contest winners tomorrow as part of our series of Dezeentalks at [D3] Design Talents in collaboration with imm cologne. The talks are free so come along! More details »

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

imm cologne takes place 18-23 January 2011. See all our stories about the even in our special category »

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

See films of all the Dezeentalks at last year’s fair here.

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

The information below is from Harry Thaler:

Pressed Chair

Pressed Chair is a pressed aluminium chair which has been bent into shape to form a super-light, stackable chair.

For Pressed Chair I wanted to create an elegant and simple chair from a single sheet of 2.5mm aluminium. By pressing structural elements into the 2 dimensional sheet, I was able to make a chair that pushes the limits of minimization and material. The chair, which is light enough to be lifted with only two fingers, is extremely strong without any external structural support. Instead decorative features pressed into the sheet provide the required strength once the chair is bent into shape.

Materials used:
Aluminium sheet 2.5mm, 1 m² for one chair

As part of my aim to minimize everything, I have also created a stool from the areas of scrap surrounding the chair when it is being cut. The stool, unlike the chair, is not made from 1 piece, but three. It is held together by screws.

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  • Future Classic. Just perfect

  • Ciarán

    Nice profect

    Intellegent design – Low materail weight, low tech manufacture, using form to maximixe a materials structural ability. and the visual reading of the peice informs viewers of all this. Ie the aesthetic carrys this history, Good to see something that was not an ego driven exploration of indisyncartic form.

    Hopefully its comfortable.

    Can you stack it


  • batalela

    After pressing this chair becomes too much waste for recycling. In this way, the increased price of the chair. Remaining aluminum recycling involves re-combustion of fossil fuels. What we get, the more expensive chair and ozone hole.
    By making small stools from three parts of the waste, trying to justify the unfortunate design.
    Is that an example of modern designers?

    • Frank

      "By making small stools from three parts of the waste, trying to justify the unfortunate design. Is that an example of modern designers?"

      wow, such a hater! it's one thing to point out flaws in a design, but it's another thing to be rude. if you actually read the article, you would have realized the designer's intention for making the stools and minimizing waste. what's really unfortunate is your inability to appreciate anything about this project.

  • Johan_H

    It should be called Aluminium Roadkill – Stunning

  • Ric

    But… isn't that a Tom Dixon design? I mean, Dixon's chair in another material?

  • rgm

    It's questionable to recognize an actual benefit in doing everything out of one piece, this has been tried many times now. What remains are structural concerns.

  • michelalano

    actually looks really sturdy and comfy. good guitar playing chair. also the un-bent versions would make for good wall art. fun stuff.

  • Pony the Trap

    Shame aluminium hates being bent so much. Awful tensile properties when used like this with lots of potential for failure after a realtively short time.

  • actual

    the waste from the chair is useless, you cannot get a single componet for the stool.

  • Plastic chair made from aluminium? Hm…

  • Fizz

    I can imagine how hard on the butt it might be after a while. Surely the prime brief in designing a chair is, um – to offer seated comfort for the end user? Not I think an exercise in materials use.