OLA Table by AKKA


OLA Table by AKKA

Cologne 2011: this folding table by Swedish designers AKKA is one of two joint winning projects in this year’s [D3] Contest, an international competition for young designers organised by trade fair imm cologne. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.

OLA Table by AKKA

Called OLA after one of the designers' fathers, the lightweight design can be folded and unfolded without turning the piece over.

OLA Table by AKKA

The design will be manufactured by Swedish company Materia and officially launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair next month.

OLA Table by AKKA

AKKA share the [D3] Contest first prize with Harry Thaler's Pressed Chair (see our earlier story) and second prize was awarded to Moody Couch by Hanna Emelie Ernsting (see our earlier story here).

OLA Table by AKKA

imm Cologne takes place 18-23 January 2011.

OLA Table by AKKA

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OLA Table by AKKA

Here are some more details from AKKA:

The ola-table is an easily handled folding-table that always stands on its feet, and thus doesent get a dirty and chipped tabletop after a while. Even a fairly small lady could unfold a hundred tables at a conference without risking her health, since you dont have to turn the whole table around or so. The ola-tables looks so nice when folded that you can store it by the wall in your office or at home for an easy-accessed extra work desk. The table stacks tightly and is made of aluminum.

The Ola-table (which bears its name after the father of Petter) is designed by Petter Danielson and Oscar Ternbom at AKKA (www.akka.se), Göteborg, Sweden.

The OLA-table will be manufactured by MATERIA, a Swedish company, (materia.se) and will be launched at the Stockholm furniture fair in a few weeks.

DezeenTV: OLA by AKKA


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  • Noodles

    Awesome! This is excellent.

  • seventeenzin

    Super simple & minimal! Lovely!


    Yes. This is slick, great job people.

  • luxor

    smart design! what material is it made of?

    • Everything is aluminum. Thanks everyone for the overwhelming comments by the way!

  • reddy

    Yep, absolute winner, the free-standing when folded down, the compact storage of multiples, the beautifully basic mechanism (can you call something that simple a mechanism?), the lightness and economy of materials… It is very difficult to make so little work so hard, brilliantly done, congrats

  • local

    looks like big foot! funky.

  • It seems to work as well! Rare these times… great great job!

  • truthnbeauty

    Magnificently elegant in it's simplicity!! Design excellence!! I can't imagine how it could possibly be improved. I want two right now!!