Rubber Table by Thomas Schnur


Rubber Table by Thomas Schnur

Cologne 2011: German designer Thomas Schnur presented this table with suction cups on the legs as part of [D3] Design Talents at imm cologne last week.

Rubber Table by Thomas Schnur

Called Rubber Table, each product has five legs and an irregularly shaped top, moulded from dyed foam rubber.

Rubber Table by Thomas Schnur

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imm cologne took place 18-23 January. See all our coverage of the event here »

Rubber Table by Thomas Schnur

Here are some more details from Schnur:

Rubber Table

The drain or toilet plunger is an item, which, though it receives little attention, is actually extremely useful. Rubber Table adopts its idiosyncratic aesthetics and transfers them to a new environment. The rubber plunger has become a table leg – setting in motion a new way of looking at this ambivalent object. Manufacturing it from dyed foam rubber preserves the color and the feel of the original object.

Rubber Table by Thomas Schnur

In my projects I always attempt to negotiate with the product I am to design. I negotiate on the weighting of materials, manufacturing, appearance, meaning and function. I break down this task into its characteristics and meanings. I then analyze, assess and construct the idea.

Rubber Table by Thomas Schnur

In this, it is important to me that despite their cross-references, the products, which are often created from familiar fragments, are able to development the greatest possible degree of autonomy. In this way, they allow for associations but, beyond this, develop their own potential for becoming autonomous products.”

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  • It's about as clever as Marcel Duchamp's upside-down urinal. And about as practical.

  • ray

    LOL… witty and one the most hilarious post in the design world

  • polly

    maybe in the mid 90's. not now. this sort of thing has no relevance anymore

  • boo

    Not being overly concerned with 'relevance', I found this funny. Thanks for posting it.

  • tmsa

    I usually dont go for 'useless' product design but I have to say that this is pretty damn cute and funny.

  • felix

    foam rubber is not durable enough, in my experience

    otherwise very nice

    polly: it works as a side table, that's relevant enough for most people

  • amsam

    Adorable and wry. I think that for a table to strive to be "relevant" is a fool's errand.

  • yuki

    i think it will be hard to pluck it out all the legs fr the surface, for everytime u 1 to carry around.

    • felix

      the legs will only have suction if you press them down, look at the difference between the feet on the flat table and the one stuck on an angle. and it needs a smooth surface – carpet, floorboards or concrete wouldn't do it. Tongue and groove or floor tiles might.

  • EHAB

    but really how can you use angular table ,you cant put your coffee on it for sure,maybe he should invent rubber cups with cover that could stick on that.

  • alex

    Wow, allot of nay-sayers here. I think this is brilliant. So … when can I buy one?

  • Fizz

    No-one's mentioned a wobble factor – must exist surely?

  • Daga Kopala

    it's just convincing the way it is, one of the objects I don't care about practicality.It brings smile on my face which it is even more important sometimes.