Victor meditation hut by Jeffery Poss


The v-shaped roof of this Illinois tea house by architect Jeffery Poss funnels rainwater to a spout over the adjacent pond.

Meditation Hut by Jeffery Poss Architect

Called Victor, the wood-panelled hut sits on four stilts and is accessed via a ramp.

Meditation Hut by Jeffery Poss Architect

A full-height window provides views of the surrounding trees, while the interior contains a cabinet for making tea and three tatami mats.

Meditation Hut by Jeffery Poss Architect

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Meditation Hut by Jeffery Poss Architect

Here's some more information from the architect:

Meditation Hut III "Victor"
Champaign, Illinois, 2008-10

The owners of a forested property wanted a quiet space to observe the surrounding nature and have a cup of tea. A naturalized understory leads to a visually kinetic approach ramp that contrasts to the subtle interior. Entry to the hut is through an obscured door detailed like the cedar walls.

Inside an oversized window opposite the entrance immediately pulls the view back outside to a composed view of mature trees. Adjacent to this is a miniature tea cabinet. A raised platform in the main space supports three tatami mats.

The location along the north pond edge allowed the development of several effluvial sensations. Throughout the day water reflections are projected onto the soffit. The roof channels rainwater to a central spout over the pond. A horizontal window in the tatami room frames a meditative fragment of water. The floor of glossy ebonized birch has the sensation of a deep still pool - the grass tatami mats become and island within an island. The result is an interior volume that is protective and serene but alive with subtle energy.

The client, Dr. Mary Kalantzis, Dean of the University of Illinois College of Education writes: "I wake up to the vision of your hut every day. There is something about the proportions that makes it appear heavenly like a Greek temple".

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  • Guzmán

    Jiddu Krishnamurti telling a joke…

    “There are three monks, who had been sitting in deep meditation for many years amidst the Himalayan snow peaks, never speaking a word, in utter silence. One morning, one of the three suddenly speaks up and says, ‘What a lovely morning this is.’ And he falls silent again. Five years of silence pass, when all at once the second monk speaks up and says, ‘But we could do with some rain.’ There is silence among them for another five years, when suddenly the third monk says, ‘Why can’t you two stop chattering?”

    • johannes

      there are four young monks who took a vow of silence. After 15 minutes one monk says: "how nice is it to be silent". A second monk says: "and we should not speak". The third one exclaimes: "now you are talking as well !". The fourth one says happy and satisfied: "I am the only one who did not said a word".

  • One of the most inspiring buildings I've seen in a long time, thank you.

  • Anita

    Wonderful!! Not pretensious and really inspiring.

  • One of the nice house I've seen in a long time. Good to see it. I m loving it! REALLY MEDITATION in such place will be awesome.

  • Andrew sjostrom

    As a former student of Mr. Poss, it's refreshing to remember that there are actually a few understated professors of architecture who are as good as teachers as they are as professional architects. Great to see his work reaching a wider audience.