Crane by Benjamin Hubert


Crane by Benjamin Hubert

Stockholm 2011: London designer Benjamin Hubert presented this task lamp with a perforated tubular casing at Stockholm Furniture Fair last week.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert

LEDs are hidden within the perforated aluminium tube, which is attached to its metal stand by a clamp.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert

The whole arm can be moved up or down by undoing the clamp and the tube pivots around it to adjust the angle of the light source.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert

Called Crane, the lamp was designed for Swedish lighting manufacturers Örsjö Belysning.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert

Stockholm Furniture Fair took place 8-12 February. See all our coverage of the event »

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Here's some more information from Hubert:

Benjamin Hubert x Orsjo - Crane

Crane is an architectural adjustable task lamp with a new typology for Swedish lighting manufacturer orsjo designed by Benjamin Hubert.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert

The lamp is inspired by industrial engineered metal structures and equipment. A bank of high power LEDS is shrouded in an industrial perforated aluminum casing to create a tube that is uninterrupted by openings.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert

A simple clamp base supports the articulating horizontal arm, which can be both rotated and adjusted in height.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert

The adjustment features are finished with tactile industrial knurled detailing.

Crane by Benjamin Hubert

The material selection and details reference Orsjos history of metal work and production.

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  • Hercule Poirot

    Looks like the drawings were made after the lamp was manufactured :-)
    Nice design anyway.

  • derivative

    RCA Aram Gallery Artemide inspired?

    • fresh

      I think that is an uneducated comment. There is nothing in that link that is close to this design. Why are people so negative?

      • Xit

        The Sutton lamp in the link has a similar base but if one looks into the design history books one will see a raft of lamps of similar archetypes.

        Don't know however how this perforated tube would light a desk ? I'll wait to see it in real

  • Interesting drawings. Fun to see that idea come from a crane

  • So what does it look like when it's ON?

  • George

    In through the eyes out through the mouse…….

  • Looks pretty much the same as the Sutton lamp to me. But which one is the best? There's only one way to find out…….

  • harry hill

    I find it hard to believe these two are even being compared, in such a crowded market they are miles apart.

    P.s – I saw this lamp in stockholm, its light output is fine.

  • srle

    perhaps a photo of the lamp turned on? just a thought, since it is a lamp after all…

    • Hercule Poirot

      Actually I think the lamp ís turned on on the picture …

  • I think the light should be seen live to get a real impression. It is difficult on the image to see how much light it provides.