Night Night by Vanessa Hordies


Night Night by Vanessa Hordies

Stockholm 2011: ECAL graduate Vanessa Hordies has created this bedside lamp that works like an hour glass to gradually dim the light by covering it in sand.

Night Night by Vanessa Hordies

Called Night Night, the prototype has a wooden base containing the electrics and a glass top containing the light source and sand.

Night Night by Vanessa Hordies

Once inverted the cone-shaped light source comes on for fifteen minutes, while sand gradually trickles down from the top chamber to cover it up and the user drifts off to sleep.

Hordies showed the piece with 101% Designed in Brussels at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last week.

Stockholm Furniture Fair took place 8-12 February. See all our coverage of the event »

Photographs are courtesy ECAL.

Here's some text from Hordies:

Night Night is a lamp that accompanies people into sleep.

In this case the sand in the hourglass covers the light as it goes along and drowns the light(from the bedroom) in the time needed for someone to fall asleep.

When you turn the hourglass over, the timer switches on for 15 minutes. Research has shown that when people go to bed it usually takes between ten and twenty minutes for them to fall asleep. The objective of the timer is straightforward. Its function is to switch off the lamp, so that it is not on all night making it environmentally friendly. The lamp follows the sleeper during this ritual.

The electronics are in the wooden base. When the button is pushed contact is made and the lamp will be on for 15 minutes. It is essential that it switches itself off. This enables the sleeper to get his visa for dreamland.

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  • NYC

    What a lovely concept.

  • nofelix

    Very nice, needs more photos to sell the idea. How much light do you get out of this? How does it help you get to sleep? Personally I like to read before bed, so a dim light that slowly gets dimmer would be useless. So who is the product for?

    • Anna

      It's for those who don't read before falling asleep. :)
      I think it's a great idea.

  • Harimau

    I believe it will create obvious cues in the brain, so that as long as you turn it into a routine, you'll always fall asleep at night in your bed while this is dimming is next to you. The brain likes routines. It's much the same reason that people read a book before bed, the brain takes it as a cue for sleep and it makes you sleepy.

  • RMD

    It would be nicer if the weight of the sand actually switched the light off once it had all emptied from the top chamber. At present the light remains on but it's just covered with sand, your then half asleep in the dark looking for the switch ?

    • D_P

      read the last paragraph.

      also this is adorable ^_^