Peel Fruit by Yves Behar


Peel Fruit by Yves Behar

San Francisco designer Yves Behar of Fuseproject has designed a product that allows users to control their TV from their iPhone.

Peel Fruit by Yves Behar

Called Peel, the system features a free app for searching TV listings, and a small piece of hardware, called Peel Fruit, to relay the signal from phone to TV.

Peel Fruit by Yves Behar

The Peel Fruit are shaped to resemble either a pear, orange or apple.

Peel Fruit by Yves Behar

An Android version is on the way.

Peel Fruit by Yves Behar

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Here are some more details from Fuseproject:

The way we search for content on TV has not changed since its inception – we channel surf. Not only do satellite and digital cable guides feel antiquated, but the problem is magnified by the hundreds of channels we now have to search for a program.

Peel came to fuseproject in late 2009 with an idea – to revolutionize the way we watch and discover content on TV. Peel is one of those rare implementations of technology that solves a problem in such a way that the user can instantly and entirely forget that the problem has ever existed. Using a free iPhone app (and soon Android) and the Peel Fruit hardware, users can click on a movie or show, search by name, or consult their viewing habits learned by the system.

The brand principle is to “peel back” the tedious layers of the channel guide and the monotony of channel surfing. This idea is used in the design of the brand, products and UI as an intuitive product ecosystem. Not only does Peel set itself apart in its revolutionary functionality, but the design aesthetics are different than standard TV equipment. In order to relay the phone signal to the TV and other AV equipment, the Peel Fruit is the centerpiece of the product system and is designed to be displayed and celebrated. Each friendly peripheral is a simplified fruit (Pear, Apple, Orange) set at a slight angle, with the lower portion functioning as a large IR window that relays the phone signal to the TV. Instead of being yet another remote, with scores or buttons and a 200 page manual; Peel is fun and friendly, and it keeps its cutting edge technology nearly invisible. Once Peel is hooked up and the App has been downloaded to an iPhone, iTouch or iPad – there is a true “ah ha!” moment when users find what they want painlessly.

Peel is a fuseproject design venture portfolio company. In this type of deep & collaborative partnership, fuseproject works on all facets of the company’s business, providing an effective design-driven strategy for success from very early days through launch. Free from the encumbrances of a typical consulting relationship, we balance roles of creative partner and investor, and build a solid brand foundation.

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  • function buffer

    find what you want with the app and then just use the television remote to select the channel. It's that simple. Why do you need another device between you and the television?
    Behar is a gadget man.

  • What is the difference between that and your finger? Don't iphone already have an app that allows you to control channels?

  • Matt

    This from a man whom I thought to be 'sustainable'. Sometimes to practice sustainability one has to say no to projects that will only produce another piece of plastic that will be outdated next week.

  • not sold

    "ah ha"! another gimmick to sell to brainwashed iphone users, this is classic

  • SpT

    You said it.

  • Robert

    It does seem that the extra hardware component offers some functionality (learning viewing habits and, I assume, selecting content based on them) but this really isn't either sustainable or revolutionary – nor, for that matter, is it particularly attractive.

    Nice try, but I already have a remote control and don't need another piece of kit that consumes power.

  • eugmir

    remote = 1 thing. this + iphone = 2 things. backwards, no?

  • dror

    A useless product indeed. yeah,lets make another product that connects to your iphone, cause iphone is so NOW,isnt it?
    Though, the basic concept for this project is relevant if you leave it as a conceptual idea and not as a consumer product.

  • not sold

    no the iphone is NOT now anymore