Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim


Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim

Designer Sejoon Kim of South Korea has designed a clock where users have to feel the flexible face to reveal the time.

Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim

Called Vague Clock, the analogue timepiece has a squashy cover that hides the time until pressed inwards.

Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim

The clock is updated by GPS so remains accurate despite the hands being touched.

Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim

The design concept was awarded at the 2010 Red Dot Awards.

Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim

"Too much information can put pressure on people," says Sejoon Kim. "Vague Clock obscures one’s reading of the minute and hour hands to relieve the feeling of having to chase time."

Vague Clock by Sejoon Kim

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  • kateovo

    first thought: that will get dirty really quickly …
    second thought: beautiful though

    • Umid

      interesting observation…anything pure that gets 'touched' gets 'dirty'…this clock is smart and whimsical

  • JuiceMajor

    i wonder how is this going to be appealing to the general public. maybe for some boutigue hotel maybe! then again if i am paying so much, i don't wanna work to find what the time is!

  • mcmlxix

    Cool, yet impractical to the point of pretension.

  • larry

    Imagine this was the common way all clocks works… You had to guess if a circle shape on the wall was a clock, you then needed to walk close, raise your hand and touch the whole surface to understand what time it is. We would have a major problem. People would stop paying attention to wall mounted clocks. Until some clever designer would come up with a highly innovative solution: the Unvague Clock! Wow, you can read it from a distance! That designer would get all the awards!

  • sara

    people are dying and you want to feel a clock?

  • abdulqadirabas

    if this is a hand piece, it will become my routine to touch it.

  • junihaoni

    i'll stick with my hourglass.

  • hefin


    You can apply that statement to any piece of design, yet it is utterly stupid.
    The majority of design isn't concerned with saving people's live, it is concerned with creating beauty, re-evaluating the way in with we currently engage with our world; design reflects and creates culture.
    If you are concerned with improving and saving lives of people, I suggest you join the oxfam.


  • this design was showed in the "greenhouse" at Stockholm furniture fair in february 2011 by "Myk She design studio", please check it out to the following link:

  • inkoaydible

    not practical! what's the point! clocks are useful for telling time from far away!

  • Irina D.

    I think its got ITS PURPOSE and this stands in not being stressed anylonger by the hour that u see on the wall while working…u will eventually go and see it but it`ll be stupid to say that u will become so addicted that u will stand next to it 24/24…..

  • amerlok

    –“Vague Clock obscures one’s reading of the minute and hour hands to relieve the feeling of having to chase time.”—
    So, because I can't see the hands on it I am supposed to feel all zen and feel like I have all the time in the world….Yeah right! Designers and their whimsical ideas sometimes!

    Useful for the visually impaired though.

  • tpa

    Technically you could find a frisbee that was of stretchy rubber and just place it already over a known clock you have.

  • apa

    nice idea in trying to hide the look of a conventional clock and you only find out what the time is when you want to know it.
    troublesome and how many times do i have to touch to find out where the hands are? if i can see the hands then i dun even have to touch.. kind of defeat the whole purpose of the idea.

  • Fizz

    For people with hands on their time (did you see what I did there?)

  • Christina

    Sometimes clocks bother me a lot.
    This is hunp upon the wall all the time but I can check out the time whenever I need.
    I think it will be a different view of clocks and time.

  • Blugyblug

    “Vague Clock obscures one’s reading of the minute and hour hands to relieve the feeling of having to chase time.”

    Does anyone really feel that way?
    If you "want to check out the time whenever you need" that's why a clock is ON A WALL IN YOUR HOUSE. SO YOU CAN LOOK AT IT WHENEVER YOU WANT.

    Before you know it people are going to see bridges made out of paper because its "innovative".

    "Unique" =/= A good product.
    /cynical rant

  • Jaunita

    what about for the partially sighted, though? its not a bad idea in this realm

  • What a great design for me. I think Kim has a great deal with it because I love it very much. Maybe that’s why it got award.

  • Lori

    I don’t understand this design. It will help me to move away from my computer -smart phone, microwave -and then touch it to figure out time.