Stockholmsporten masterplan by BIG


Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group have won a competition to masterplan a new gateway to Stockholm at the intersection of two motorways. 

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

Called Energy Valley, their proposal for Stockholmsporten will create an artificial valley containing a park with separate areas of forest, wetlands, grass lawns and hills, and will also feature a mirrored sphere hovering over the road junction.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

Continuous cycle paths and footpaths looping through the area will connect attractions including a shopping centre, a hammam and a mosque.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

Built around the junction between the E18 and E4 highways, Stockholmsporten is the largest infrastructure project in Sweden.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

BIG win the competition in collaboration with Grontmij and Spacescape.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

More information on the Stockholmsporten masterplan competition here (in Swedish)

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

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Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

Here's some more information from the architects:


BIG + Grontmij + Spacescape are the winning team for the Stockholmsporten master plan competition to design an inviting new entrance portal into Stockholm at the intersection of a newly planned super-junction.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

The planned Hjulsta Intersection 15 km north of Stockholm where two European highways the E18 and E4 Bypasses converge into a three level intersection, amounts to the largest infrastructure project in Sweden, required due to the growth and development of the capital. The Stockholmsporten competition seeks to define the Hjulsta intersection through sculpting the surrounding landscape and framing the automotive scale of the intersection. Additionally the proposal connects the adjacent Järvafäl tet recreation area through a continuous promenade to the distinctive natural and heritage-laden environment and adds new qualities to the site. BIG was selected as the winner of the invited competition among proposals from Norwegian Snøhetta, Danish landscape architect Kristine Jensen and Swedish Erik Giudice Architects.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

”The magnificent bowl shape of this proposal is an ingenious solution which interacts with the geometry of the intersection while at the same time creating an urban context linking together the different areas surrounding the site. Possibilities of adding qualities and activities to the place which will benefit residents are very elegantly added.” Jury Report, Stockholmsporten.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

Prior to this competition, the intersecting roads would create physical and visual barriers between the surrounding neighborhoods and divide them into four areas totaling 580.000 m2. BIG’s proposal, the Energy Valley, re-connects these in an un-hierarchical and democratic way through a continuous circular bike and pedestrian loop aligned with public buildings and functions, including a shopping- and sports centre, a hammam and a mosque which will attract visitors from Stockholm and its suburbs.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

By introducing natural environments of differing characters within the loop, an Energy Valley in the center turns into a pie shaped park of pine-and oak forests, wetlands, grass lawns and hilly terrain which create a diverse experience when moving in or around the landscape. The surrounding neighborhoods have room to grow, thus expanding infrastructure and developments up to the ridge of the new valley.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

“The Energy Valley is a cross-over between urbanism, landscape, architecture, art and infrastructure into a new neighborhood of Stockholm. Harnessing the momentum of the massive investment in tunnels and highways and putting the excess excavation to use as a man-made valley, we create an interdisciplinary hybrid of logistic, economic, environmental and social infrastructure.” Bjarke Ingels, Founder & Partner, BIG.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

The site has a great potential in serving as a new entryway into Stockholm. This point is turned into a reflective, self-sustaining hovering sphere mirroring Stockholm as it is, new and old, creating a 180 degree view of the area for the drivers on their way in or out of the city.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

30% of the sphere’s surface is covered with Photovoltaic film that faces the sun and produces enough energy to keep it floating while supplying 235 houses in the neighborhood with electricity.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

The Stockholm Sphere is an ever changing icon that marks an entry point to the city and reflects the passing seasons and the evolving urban life beneath it.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

“Traditionally highways split adjacent areas into disconnected neighborhoods – a good side and a bad side. Our biggest challenge was how to create the maximum benefit by connecting the four parts cut by the intersecting highways. The intersection is thus tamed by the connecting link that circumscribes it.” Jakob Lange, Partner-in-Charge, Stockholmsporten, BIG.

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG


Name Stockholmsporten
Program Master plan, Landscape
Type Prequalified Competition
Size 580.000 m2
Client City of Stockholm, Swedish Transport Administration
Collaborators Grontmij, Spacescape
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Status 1st prize / In progress

Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG

Partner in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Jakob Lange
Project Leader: Hanna Johansson
Team: Camille Crepin, Barbora Srpkova, Alessio Valmori, Xiao Xuan Lu, Krista Meskanen, Long Zuo

Grontmij AB
Veronika Borg, Albin Ahlquist, Anders Falk , Mats Mauritzson, Nils-Göran Nilsson, Christer Johansson, Bengt Ridell

Spacescape AB
Alexander Ståhle, Tobias Nordström

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  • Danillo

    Gee I sure do love these BIG diagrams – they're so convincing… I like the project as a whole but I don't know if I dig the eye in the sky.

  • Andy

    Giant shinny mirror ball + motorway = pileup

  • gabo

    looks like a park for disco fans :D

  • Loïc Dupasquier

    How is the ball suppose to float ?

  • How is the google streetview ball lense going to react to the BIG ball?

  • Matthew

    It doesn't matter Loïc! They've won the competition now. Of course it won't look like that, but who among us is gonna trek out there to see it.
    If they'd tamed the roads, they could have connected the surrounding suburbs with a dense urban centre naturally located at a cross roads. This just perpetuates oil-dependent sprawl. But hey, it looks pretty on the Web.

  • Mike Magill

    Nice project but the giant shiny ball in the sky is just far to dangerous. You just cant expect drivers to keep their eyes on the roads with such Ocular Temptaion.

  • yuc

    Is there a metaphore here like a macro photo of water drop just breaking free from the splash it created? (the circular cavity and the ball hovering above)

    The images of extensive farms, bushes and the understatement of architectural intervention in nature are nice; but that sphere… you do not need to insinuate that that might be the fake world of Truman Show.

  • ney

    The ball remind me of a project made by Sergio Bernardes for Brazilian pavilion at the exhibition in Brussels in 1958, but in that project the rain water flowed for an indoor garden, and then, in this case the water drips onto the floor of the getaway?

  • bigballs

    hmmmmm big shiny balls

  • The sphere will float, (Helium?) but it would also have a way to utilise the wind power, as understand, with some sort of wires. It is a gigantic Zeppelin. I don't understand Swedish so I might be completely wrong.
    I really like the idea of floating spherical solar panels.
    Concerning the traffic I think it will slow people down. which is a good think for a round about. There would be no landmarks if we go with health and safety.
    Balls! I hope it'll work…

  • JCM

    If this becomes true (I don't think so) I'll never enter Stockholm by car. This is simply stupid.

  • nuna

    similar project posted on dezeen last year

  • .o0

    The ball will also reflect the noise from the road to houses in surrounding. So you can render the vally kind of useless.

  • I think we need to study Indiana Jones and come up with a emergency plan for when this ball comes rolling.

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Now introducing. a new weather phenomenon ; youve heard of it raining cats and dogs…now it will literally be raining dead birds… its bad enough they fly into windows.

  • riza

    is it midnight already? ah i'll play there :)