Bronze Boris Bike Statue by Dowling Jones & Stone


Bronze Boris Bike Statue by Dowling Jones & Stone

Plans have been unveiled for a 12 metre-high bronze statue of London Mayor Boris Johnson overlooking the River Thames in London.

Designed by London studio Dowling Jones & Stone, the statue will depict Johnson astride a bicycle from his Barclays Cycle Hire scheme, introduced last year.

Construction is due for completion in May.

Here are some more details from the competition winners:

DESIGNS Unveiled for 40ft Bronze BORIS Bike Statue

Madcap London Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to commemorate his 3rd year in the top job at City hall with a 40ft tall bronze statue of himself. Boris left Londoners amazed as he today unveiled plans ahead of the 4th of May anniversary announcing “This is my gift to the people of London to commemorate a marvellous 3 years”.

The 15 tonne bronze will be paid for by tax payers with the design being chosen after a private competition masterminded by Johnson personally. “I invited designers from around the world and picked the winner today”. The design features Johnson aboard one of the infamous “Boris Bikes”, widely seen as one of the crowning achievements of his reign thus far.

Gregg Stone of designers Dowling Jones &Stone Ltd, the London based winners of the competition said “Boris has a very clear vision and we face a real race against time to have the statue constructed in time, we will be working around the clock”. It is hoped that the statue will become a worldwide icon and plans are in place to take smaller versions of the statue on a world tour.

The statue will be visible from City Hall so successors to Johnson’s crown will be reminded of his legacy. The design will fill the void between Tower Bridge and City Hall on London’s South Bank, and provide another tourist attraction for this bustling hub.

Dowling Jones and Stone Ltd are a new start up company based in west London which create visualisations of architectural concepts.

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  • april 1st

  • douglas

    …. on any other day, I'd have believed it.



  • JuiceMajor

    I hope so!

  • GRJ

    I know it's April 1st and everything, but I like it. I for one would put £10 towards seeing this built.

    • GTaylor

      too right!

  • I wish it wasn't the 1st of April …..

  • kwyjibi

    This was built for kickstarter.

  • gullible

    I think its fantastic, its just what that sterile environment needs, nice to see London planners with a bit of a sense of fun. I think its really important that things like this are achieved. I very much look forward to strolling under the bike on a summers day, a great monument to the Boris bike and the man himself. Well done all involved!

  • Iain Hensby

    great april fool.

  • artimon

    you're sure it's Boris on the bike? Looks a bit… thin…

  • Greenish

    I totally fell for this til I saw the comments. Brilliant.

  • Didyouheartheone…

    On a similar vibe, check out this one:

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback! We did the image for a bit of fun and see if we could ruffle a few feathers. And yes, perhaps we could have made him a little fatter! Gregg – Dowling Jones & Stone

  • rjc

    haha i actually quite like this. to be fair, anything that promotes cycling in cities as oppose to cars (the biggest problem in city)…

  • Emon

    By far more believable, reasonable, and tasteful than his brainchild from hell, Kapoor and Balmond´s Mittal Orbit, or, as more aptly named by one of this blog´s readers, The Awful Tower. Some (really really bad) dreams do come true…

    • A K

      ha! Thanks Emon That was me!

  • tiffany

    a triumph for cyclists worldwide!

  • Isn't it a bit too egoistic for the subject mattered itself?

  • Dadabu

    Wasn't it a year ago they came up with that rollercoaster kapoor tower for the olympics? I'm still not sure if this could become reality. =/

  • clay

    thank god its april fools!