Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava


Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

Designer Benjamin Hubert has created this laptop bag which expands to become an overnight bag, in collaboration with Nava.Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

Called Bellows, the bags are made from nylon with wool finish on the outside, and hand finished with cotton and leather details.

Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

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Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

See our videos with Benjamin Hubert in Ventura Lambrate earlier this month and as part of our [D3] Design Talents late last year.

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The following is from Benjamin Hubert:

Benjamin Hubert x Nava


A collection of nomadic luggage created around the ability to carry a range of technology products.

Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

The concept is driven by the idea of providing a dual storage state for the nomadic traveler.

Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

The user can simply use the bag as a streamlined laptop case holding a laptop and accessories or expand it using its innovative pleated bellow construction to become an overnight bag.

Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

Allowing for flexible usage in a single product. In addition a distinctive visual language has been created with flowing joints and softened geometry.

Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

Nava are a technical luggage manufacture, therefore the material research and selection reflect this approach.

Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

This technical feeling has been softened with hand crafted fixing details and construction inline with Benjamin Hubert’s materials and process led design approach.Bellows by Benjamin Hubert for Nava

  • emily

    wow, ugly.

  • ken

    He has soooo much stuff coming out!

    • deborah

      Most of it is really nice though, i particularly liked the wooden chairs.

  • Liz

    What a great idea! Its so practical!

    • school bag

      umm it looks like my i-pad will get broken in this….not really convincing me on the strength front

  • day tripper

    there's travelling light and there's travelling light. maybe it's the pics but these look like they expand only enough to fit a pencil case and lunch box – if so, do they offer any significant improvement on the conventional satchel laptop bag?

    • sam

      You must have a big pencil case! They look like they get big to me.

  • Kirby

    The overall shapes and concept are pretty good, but i find the detailing not so great.

    The design formula here could be Starck Samsonite bags crossed with the brand 'Folk' clothing.

  • ivy

    Dual purpose bags are the future!!
    Good work Benjamin. ^_^

  • Lyn

    Dual purpose and innovative!!

  • traveller

    Really nice collection, and very interesting concept.

  • pockets

    they look hand-stitched or something you would come across at a town market. not sophisticated at all

  • Hey, excellent! Two for one. Too interesting!