Buro by DesignWright for Lexon


Buro by Adrian and Jeremy Wright for Lexon

Brothers Adrian and Jeremy Wright of London based design studio DesignWright have released this set of stackable. colour-coded stationary in collaboration with design brand Lexon.

Buro by Adrian and Jeremy Wright for Lexon

The Buro collection includes a stapler, hole punch and calculator and features the name of the object on its side.

Buro by Adrian and Jeremy Wright for Lexon

The stationary is made in three colour gradients from plastic with a rubberised finish.

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The following is from the designers:

The Buro range is the result of Adrian and Jeremy Wright's first collaboration with renowned design brand Lexon. The London-based designers were invited to create a product, or range of products, to celebrate Lexon's 20th anniversary.

Ubiquitous items like staplers, hole-punches and calculators clutter up most of our desks. They rarely match or have any sense of unity. Here, the designers saw an opportunity to create a range of desk tools which work well and look great, both individually and as a set.

Buro brings together the objects commonly found on the desk into a coherent, practical range. With each item taking the form of a simple block, they can be neatly aligned or stacked in any orientation much like a collection of books.

Buro is available in three colour gradients – green, grey and purple.

Materials: ABS plastic with a rubberised finish.

  • gorgeous, make them in red-orange..?

  • arquiteto

    one for me please. very nice!

  • I get where they're coming from, but I think once you have to write "stapler" on the side of a stapler, you have failed at designing said object. It could have all looked so much cleaner…

    Maybe it's just because I'm the type of guy that can complain about anything.

    • Jeff

      I would agree with the latter of the two comments …

    • maybe it's for easier to recognize when being stacked.

  • mike

    like the design… but use of bio-plastic instead of abs plastic would be better for the planet…

  • I like how the colour of the tape is ambiently changed when different coloured plastics are used.

  • wh smith

    nice but this forgets that the majority of people will never align them in such a way on their desk….. as such does each individual item have enough character on it's own?

  • G.had

    Great design! I like the text labels on the side. Reminds me of the spine of a book. The only thing i don't understand is why it hasn't been done before – very nice!

  • Kirby

    The anal type guy might take pleasure in lining them up and if he doesn't theres no need for the labels because the objects are quite self explanitory.

  • nicey

    someone borrows your stapler; 'misplaces' it and says hey you can have this one, it works better anyway. same with the other bits; and they can't understand your distress as each one is replaced by something…. well, 'common'. oh! the agony.

  • pat

    in neeeeed this for my desk

  • Win

    awesome… would love to obsessively compulsively keep them straight on my desk. boom.

  • AlexColina

    FAIL. form over function. Attempts to be pretty as a package,turning tools in preposterous positions to fit the stack..i.e. : the calendar! how useful is that? and the USB HUB? please…. From a simple beauty perspective I could see how a beautiful labeled-stack of tools could be appealing to the uber-anal but if you where going to turn the hole punch sideways to accommodate the "stack" why not the tape dispenser? it breaks the whole thing.