Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica


Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

Milan 2011: French designer Amaury Poudray has designed this waste-paper bin to be burnt with its contents for design brand Fabrica.

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

Called Corbeille, meaning basket, the piece can be slotted together by the user without any screws or nails.

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

When full it can be turned upside down and burnt in the garden, disposing of both the waste-paper and the bin itself.

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica

The piece was displayed as part of an exhibition titled Garden at Home in Milan last month.

Photographs are by Gustavo Millon.

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The following is from the designer:

Corbeille by Amaury Poudray for Fabrica:

Exhibited in ATCASA exhibition in Milan Lambrate last week with the theme = DIY Garden

My object proposes an inside and outside use. It is a paper trash to build yourself (DIY) and to spend time outside. At night, full of paper, it is great to take your trash out, flip it and burn it thanks to the paper inside. All the assembling part are in wood (no screws) all is burning and disapear, only stays the stars.

For me, the most important element to live whenever and wherever outside is Fire. I wanted an inside object able to go outside to give us fire. Corbeille is a bin for papers that you can reverse outside. It becomes a fireplace. All your accumulated papers makes it easier to start a fire at night, enjoy the silence and admire the milky way.

To build it, you don't use any screws, only wooden sticks, after bruning it, everything has disapeared.

  • Roh

    Yeah great, just burn everything when the bin is full. Brilliant….very sustainable.

  • The piece is very nice but the idea of burn dust is not eco friendly :o(

  • The final result looks like a gadget… yet the shape is interesting.
    But cutting down trees only for this purpose, it's a mess!

    François Beydoun

  • So rather than recycle the paper, well chop down more trees to make a bin, then burn the lot, and pollute the atmosphere at the same time! great idea!

  • Xit

    Who would I want to burn their wastepaper bin ?

    Maybe a pyromaniac office worker ?

    Although an eco unsound gest, this design deserves a good blazing for its ineffective functionality.

  • why you need to burn the bin?… why the paper can't be recicled?… there's not any logical concept that can work in this project.

  • njxlkéw

    it's not really suited for regular life, i have a lot other waste than paper, and i think smaller pieces would fall out very easy. And in addition it would take forever for me to make so much paper waste

  • Would like to see how they slot at those exact angles.

    Also the ratio of waste paper collected vs the bin itself is overly disproportionate. Dowels may have been better choice, like a wireframe basket.

  • the design nerd

    This reminds me a lot of the design by Evelien Stamhuis! Looks like a clear copy her FireUp campfire. check it

  • dune

    nothing about the description of the project said it was trying to be eco friendly, so stop getting on its case about it.
    there is logic behind this project too. fire is enjoyable, its as simple as that.
    it gets people outside away from their TV and design blogs.

    and on that note. its a beautiful exploration in proportion. some joinery might be nice but could a step in the other direction and get away from the simplicity of it.

    • Kerby

      You just need matches to make a fire how is this wastepaper bin even relevant ?

    • sport also get you outside,frinds get you outside, art get you outside, why fire? where is the simplicity on a concept that contradict a contemporary society. what does the project promotes? where is the concept,,,geting outside and make some fire so we can buy another bin? what is it?

  • Mathias

    Is this also available in rosewood?

  • MeMe

    Im so confused….why would one want to do this…it would be great for camp fires…not a bin!

  • seano

    …and burning it when it's full is supposed to be a good thing??

  • Peeee

    Maybe its non-eco-friendiness is the main point, the get people discuss about it.

  • Hercule Poirot

    I wonder why no-one noticed the obvious irony of this hilarious project. A little bit too much tongue-in-cheek, maybe?

  • healthy wise

    if ash is clean can be used for soap… otherwise your ass driving around makes more hatred towards earth & yourself … posting it up here and having computer also… so while you are away from everything, being calm with friend or alone, burning this basket and contemplating on work & life… well, can you top it by commenting

  • Burn the darn thing! Bring out the marshmellows and laugh about it.