EDP Foundation Cultural Centre by AL_A


EDP Foundation Cultural Centre by Amanda Levete Architects

Amanda Levete Architects have sent us these images of their proposals for a new cultural centre in Lisbon with a roof that spirals around from the existing riverfront pathway.

EDP Foundation Cultural Centre by Amanda Levete Architects

Visitors to the EDP Foundation Cultural Centre would be able to walk both around and over the building.

EDP Foundation Cultural Centre by Amanda Levete Architects

A series of steps up from the riverside lead to an entrance for the centre.

EDP Foundation Cultural Centre by Amanda Levete Architects

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The following is from Amanda Levete Architects:

EDP Foundation Cultural Centre

The EDP Foundation Cultural Centre in Lisbon is a project about water, light, reflections and people - a building that captures the essence of the unique riverside site and the extraordinary southern light of Lisbon.

The site is of strategic importance. Acting as the gateway to the culturally rich area of Ajuda / Belém, the building will be a magnet, drawing people from the heart of the city to the panoramic views along the Tagus estuary. The currently neglected riverfront area will be activated, and the cultural centre will become one of Lisbon’s leading destinations.

This project is also about democracy. It is a building for the people - for the people of Lisbon, for cultural visitors and for tourists. It is a building for culture and leisure that defies the boundaries between public space and building. A simple and organic gesture creates a topographic form that blends into landscape making a fluid and natural relationship between inside and outside - people move over as well as through the building.

The building creates an attractive landscape, stepping down into the river Tagus. At high tide the steps are covered with water creating a constantly changing space that converses with the tide and the reflections from the water. The reflections play with the overhanging façade to give unexpected lighting effects both inside and out, capturing and magnifying the unique light qualities of this south facing site. An area of welcome shade is naturally created by the cantilevered structure.

The roof offers panoramic views towards the river as well as across the cultural area of Ajuda / Belém. In relationship to the Museu da Electricidade next to it the building is modest in height. It reflects the horizontal emphasis of the riverfront and is designed to have minimum visual impact on views from the city. Lisbon’s rich heritage of complex cobble stone patterns is subtlety reinterpreted and used to merge the existing materiality of the pathways with new public spaces that speak of modernity.

  • Mojo

    Let me just twist my ankle on that!

  • Laura

    WTF, are the Portuguese paying this with German money?

    • Ruben

      German money?? Where us it… Most of company in portugal have money. Don't need to waste your money
      Thank you

    • Dario

      EDP doesn't need any german money, they have enought for this and a couple more buildings like it!

    • from Portugal

      No Laura:
      EDP is a private multinational based in Portugal hose 55% revenues came from outside, mainly from Brazil and USA.


    • Rita

      on the other hand… with the insane interest Germany will get from the loan, one would assume they could do something about their Bausünden (architectural sins) …

  • les

    where is the originality of previous future systems projects? this is just generic zaha copy paste.

  • fish fingers

    How to pronounce her surname ?

  • that looks awesome … last week i read about architecture projects, where they are trying to copy the nature. this one looks a little bit like this. anyway , it's def. my style … those wave patterns … cheers Simone

  • I am starting to get a little bored with these types of architectural fantasy. How often do you ever see one built.

    Unfortunately I can’t see past the pragmatic – and the above design’s immediate fault lies in the impracticality of the roof walking area. From a health and safety point of view you could not have people walking over the roof in its current form. So you need to add a safety barrier. Immediately the form becomes something totally different.

    This is architectural doodling and showing off rendering skills.

  • Vasco

    I am from Lisbon and find this proposal outrageous – besides the debatable quality if the proposal, EDP is a public energy company and they should be a lot more modest about their/our need for icons…it's a shame that this kind of iconoclastic euphoria is still going on at the same time the IMF/ECB is in the country.

    • from Portugal

      May I remind you Vasco, that EDP is not a public company, it's a private company where the State is a minority shareholder.


    • Lisboeta

      I agree with Vasco completely. This project is absolutely ridiculous in it's form and in the fundaments of it's conception, particularly considering how it occupies the first line of shore with new buildings of ultimately unnecessary purpose, and how much space there is to fill, occupy and/or recover along the interior river's shoreline, just across the road. If the project were REALLY about democracy, it wouldn't exist at all.

  • Horst Zuckerfrei

    Well, i guess this is done by laser sintering? Witty!

  • Such a good opportunity for a good project wasted by a maya /rhino render project.
    It's bad and the relationship with the electricty museum is zero.
    Is not because you have Portuguese stone street(a calçada portuguesa) that you create a relation between the project and the city.

  • Andre

    HEY GUYS! Check my interpretation of what will happen to users of this design in Lisbon: http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/6739/dezeenedp

  • Seems like another blurp on the road! Just another brick wall between the city and the river, this time with better rendering techniques…

  • LLucmajor


    They could aways jump into the water…why not?


    MayaRhino (does anyone say Autocad when you make a box?are those new words you have learned?)speak about architecture!

    Most of you have no clue about what the office does…form can also reactive program and space…form follows form…